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    WAG Confused about twisting direction

    Maybe try to orient your brain by looking at it this way: Rather than bending forward to put the hands on the floor (left hand 1st, right hand 2nd with chest facing to the right during the cartwheel phase), remain standing upright and make the round off hands in the air (like to the ceiling...
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    WAG Double Layout Off Uneven Bars vs. High Bar

    Kenzo is none too shabby, either....:)
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    WAG Can you come up with a reason why...

    At my current gym, we've had two girls in the past 4 years who we determined would struggle throughout their compulsory career; but shine and thrive if they ever made it through to optionals. The first kid was a level 3 when I met her. She had a certain lack of focus in details; but "tricks"...
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    WAG Big career changes, but feeling great!

    Wow! I had missed your earlier post. Congratulations and good luck with the exciting journey! The past year I've had about 3 opportunities to make a big move to a prestigious gym to be a part of their team. It would definitely be a career boost; but the timing for me still just isn't right...
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    WAG Where to find good sliders?

    Agreed. Those are pretty bad. Those look like the same kind as what Tumbletrak sells. They're pretty good, I think. Also, Tumbletrak now sells a larger size slider. Bought three of them at last National Congress. Been waiting for someone to produce something like that. I've only seen...
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    WAG Tap Swings

    Ha! The takeaway I wanted to share from the blogpost along with the second link I posted wasn't to debate the merits of hand size: rail and technique but the wisdom of whether or not to stand between the bars for level 4 & 5 tap swings (debated also in the comments section in the blogpost)...
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    WAG Tap Swings
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    WAG Help- incorrect grip sizing

    dunno, Check out the grips on MLT's granddaughter: Sizing okay? :)
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    Coaches Beginners re-gripping one hand at a time

    It's a timing thing. If your body is still on the counterswing and you release the bar or relax your grip too much- you'll go flying off backward. And some kids who are off-time but also instinctively know they need to regrip the bar (or have been told) will regrip one hand at a time because...
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    WAG Amazing Catch! Coach saves gymnast's life!

    This may be just another opinion, but I have a feeling the original poster might be a bit familiar with that coach. ;)
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    WAG Tooth fracture from tumbling?

    Here's a science article that the dentist sent her. I guess it's a legit issue. Just never heard about it before.
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    WAG Tooth fracture from tumbling?

    One of my gymnasts had to get a baby tooth canal for a fractured tooth that got infected. Apparently the dentist did not know she was a gymnast but asked the parent out of the blue when he saw the tooth. He says it happens from gymnasts who clench their jaws while tumbling and the back teeth...
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    WAG Pausing between RO and BHS (Adult Gymnast)

    Just exercise patience. If it happens it'll happen when it happens, it'll happen. :) With repetition, your body will eventually let you know when it's comfortable to get rid of the pause. How about standing backhandsprings on the tumbletrak in a row? I actually often encourage the pause for...
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    WAG gymnasts required to clean gym

    Just a clarification: It's half an hour (sometimes longer, at the end of the month or before a long break) after gym. I got this information from the dad. The earlier quote came from one of our kids (prone to exaggeration. o_O;) )
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    WAG gymnasts required to clean gym

    Is a gym club a business? Yes. However, the relationship between client and business where gymnastics clubs are concerned is a lot different than that of AT&T and its clients. I don't think the analogy fits. The communication issue aside, here's how I see it when it comes to having the kids...
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    Coaches Tabata workout for gymnastics.

    I have- to one degree or another. This, and interval training. I have a cd with different tabata music; and at my old gym, I put together different motivational cds compiled of song clips- used buzzers to signal the end of a round and the beginning of the next. 10 sec breaks had a...
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    WAG Is this surprising or not? Amimee Boorman moves

    The gym should do pretty well under his leadership.
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    Thanks Amelia Hundley!

    I attended both of Mary Lee Tracy's presentations at National Congress and both times she had some positives to say regarding Amelia. Very inspiring and very positive message. I can extract and post excerpts if anyone is interested.