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    WAG J.O. Fantasy Gymnastics!

    I have been informed about a new online 'SimGym' game; going under the name of 'J.O. Fantasy Gymnastics'. Just like it's collegiate counterpart (although it doesn't seem the same person is hosting this one), players will compete each week but, instead of using college gymnasts; it is based on...
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    WAG New gymnastics book!

    I'm thinking teen/young-adult fiction (around 14-24) and, it will only loosely have those themes!
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    WAG New gymnastics book!

    Okay sorry about that! Thank you! x
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    WAG New gymnastics book!

    Hey guys, I am currently in the process of planning a new novel about college gymnastics. I am a big gymnastics fan, especially of college gym, and I feel that the gymnastics community is crying out for more literature works on our beautiful sport! Here is the plot (although it is only...