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    WAG Joining Xcel - Questions about difficulty levels and allowable skills

    The reason people are telling you those skills are “too advanced” is because Xcel has no composition deductions, no bonus, and no reward for doing harder skills. The bare minimum, done with exceptional form, will win over harder skills at most meets. For example I have seen an Xcel Diamond floor...
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    WAG Dance passage XCEL bronze

    We had this same issue - fortunately it was discovered at a clinic and not at a meet, but there were even several JUDGES who hadn’t realized this. A straight jump is not in either the XCel or JO code of points for floor, and therefore is not a skill. It IS in the code for beam. The step-hop...
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    WAG Changing gyms for regionals?

    As far as it is allowed, yes. And yes, it is very easy to switch a gymnast from one gym to another. That being said, it may not be the best idea (even if you don’t love where you are, burning bridges isn’t a great idea). As far as would another gym take her mid-season, that depends on the gym...
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    WAG Xcel bronze to JO 4?

    We have Xcel and JO - our Xcel Bronze usually go to Xcel Silver, HOWEVER we do use Bronze as our “feeder” team for JO Level 3. While Bronze to JO3 could be considered a lateral move, I would definitely not consider it a step back unless you had a gymnast who had the majority of their level 4...
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    WAG Chalking the Beam - allowed?

    You are probably better off getting beam shoes. There is no USAG rule against it, HOWEVER some gyms have a rule about no chalk on the beam.
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    WAG Gym Recommendation in the NJ area.

    I am also a coach in NJ - obviously it depends where you are moving, and the best thing to do would be to try a few gyms to find the one that is best for you. There are several gyms throughout the state that have elite-track, homeschool programs, others that have competitive level 10s teams with...
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    WAG Up-to-level versus atypical skills

    Tsuks and Yurchenkos are worth the same - usually girls who cannot create enough power from a tsuk entry will yurchenko. Assuming she is clean, atypical is NOT always a bad thing - her beam series for example is on paper more difficult than a BHS BHS and most gymnasts find front tumbling on...
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    WAG Guinea Pigs for D1?

    I think a lot of parents, athletes and sometimes coaches (in all sports) don’t realize how hard it is to get a full athletic scholarship to college - why do you think that in all sports, signing day is such a big deal? I also think that people underestimate the work required not only to get...
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    WAG is there such a thing as prescription ankle braces?

    As a coach I don’t like our kids to wear braces/supports without seeing a doctor first because I am NOT a doctor and I don’t have X-ray vision - I don’t want them putting a brace on something without seeing a doctor first to make sure there isn’t a more serious injury. As far as wrist supports...
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    Coaches New Xcel Silver Vault

    After seeing some very nice front handsprings at the Gold level last year, I thought that the Xcel Program was onto something with the (now old) flatback UP to a higher flatback surface that they used last season. I am not loving this new vault mostly for logistical reasons during training, but...
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    WAG MG Elite leotards

    I loved Jordan’s Wonder Woman leotard - that is also her floor music, so clearly that means something to her. I also loved Morgan Hurd’s from night 2. Simone’s on night one may be my favorite of the whole meet, but also liked Olivia Dunne’s night 2 (I really like black leotards - kind of the...
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    WAG SafeSport

    Is there a phone number to call the SafeSport “center” or whatever it is so you can talk to an actual person instead of just filing out paperwork - at a minimum to clarify/answer all of your questions.
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    WAG Quick Xcel question

    I prefer my Xcel Platinum gymnasts to have a BHS or RO because it fills the acro requirement AND its also a ‘B’ value skill which they need in Platinum as well.
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    WAG Reason to switch gyms?

    We repeat our compulsory kids if they struggled at their current level, or if they did well at the current level, but are struggling with the skills for the next level. That being said, ALL of our girls uptrain throughout the year - so we have a few of our 3s repeating (NONE were scoring high...
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    WAG What Were They Thinking - BWO Clinic

    Considering that kids shouldn’t be doing bridges until age 5 I would definitely be a little concerned. Now, if they were doing a basic tumbling clinic covering a range of skills (rolls, handstands, cartwheels, etc.) that would be different.
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    WAG Why doesn't USAG require fingerprinting?

    I was fingerprinted to work at a preschool - paid for by the school. But in college I considered substitute teaching - obviously requires fingerprinting but you pay for it yourself - I believe its around $100 (although I supposed that could vary by state). And while that would be great, as...
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    WAG Another L8/9 beam question

    Dance skills are jumps/leaps/turns, the “fluff” dance doesn’t have any value, however, it comes in to play with artistry. At the optional levels your acro (tumbling) and dance (leaps/jumps) have to be balanced - basically you shouldn’t be getting all of your B’s from tumbling and then your As...
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    WAG JO Code changes 2018-2022

    The bar dismount for level 5 is a flyaway - never made any sense to me that level 6 didn’t require a flyaway.
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    WAG Growth Plate Wrist Injury

    I do not have experience with this particular injury and I am NOT a doctor - but it is also possible that it is from being immobile for the last 8 weeks. Good that you have an appointment with the doc, but don’t panic, it very well could just be part of the healing process. Good luck!
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    WAG Level 8 beam question...

    You are correct that you only get credit for the same skill twice, however, a BHS step out and a BHS two-foot (feet together landing) are considered two different skills on balance beam.