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    College Gym, Where to start?

    I don't think rec teams for college students are very common at DI schools who have varsity gymnastics teams. I attended two major SEC schools and they did not have any opportunities for girls not on the team (though one of the towns had a private gym with an adult class). Definitely...
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    College Gym, Where to start?

    First, you need to figure out what your academic goals are for college. Going to school in the US is going to be expensive and you are not going to earn a gymnastics scholarship. You need to have a plan for how to pay for it. Second, you need to look at what schools meet your academic goals...
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    Intro - Totally New to Adult Gymnastics

    Not that many adults do it because opportunities are very limited, both for practice and competition, and it tends to be hard on the body.
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    lost flexibility

    My suggestion is to make sure you are stretching when you are nice and warmed up. If you are stretching at home, try to do something first to get your heart rate up and the blood flowing to your muscles better. If you're at the gym, try to get your stretching in at the end of your workout, not...
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    Training at home

    Don't worry, you're not going to lose all your skills in a month! Use your disappointment/frustration as a chance to train harder than ever. You won't be able to work on all of your skills/events, but you can work on getting stronger and more flexible. Maybe there is a park nearby that has...
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    Sweatpants Syndrom

    I did that all the time when I was her age. She'll grow out of it, especially when she grows a little and the leos get a little tighter and start leaving big red marks at the elastic.
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    New Adult Gymnast

    Maybe you could find a yoga class or the like to help you get more flexible and ease back into things. You're probably not fit enough to jump right back into a level 6 class, but if you got your fitness/strength/flexibility up, maybe in 6 months or a year you'll be in better shape to join a...
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    Gymnastics team and college

    My experience with being a college athlete (pole vault) was that it really wasn't any worse than high school. The big difference in college is you are spending much less time IN the classroom than you were in HS. Many college students struggle because they don't have good study habits and don't...
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    Now That I'm "Old"...

    Growing up, I never struggled with motion sickness and was always fine in gymnastics. Even in college, I did some gymnastics training for pole vaulting, and while I wasn't tumbling much, I don't remember having any problems with it. But a bit over three years ago I moved back to my home...
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    Weird question only for adults!

    What did you end up deciding to do? I wouldn't worry about the kids seeing the scars, most of them would never assume the truth, and most kids in a gym aren't going to go ask a random adult something like that. The other people in your class might ask though.
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    Club vs. HS Gymnastics

    I looooved doing high school gymnastics. I was never a very good gymnast, even though I worked really hard at it, so being able to compete high school gymnastics was very rewarding. My HS coach let me do whatever I wanted because I was still going to my club every day and she was too busy with...
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    You can do both gym & track!!!Brag alert

    Very few HS athletes make HS Track their primary sport, so most HS track coaches are happy (or at least are willing) to work with athletes in other sports and to try and work things out to make both work, within reason. If they don't, most kids will choose the other sport! Lots of track kids...
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    You can do both gym & track!!!Brag alert

    Uggh as a track coach I have to disagree. Most gymnasts have terrible running form and their cardiovascular fitness is not as good as they think it is (but obviously very strong and flexible). Once they learn how to run properly, some are fast and some are so-so. Most gymnasts enjoy the pole...
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    Competing on a NCAA team without scholarship?

    All NCAA scholarships are strictly one-year contracts, it is against NCAA rules for the scholarship to be good for more than a year (you resign every year) but coaches don't usually make that clear. In gymnastics I think it is pretty rare for a school to take away a scholarship, as long as...
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    My forum is at • Index page I would say that a majority of female pole vaulters have a gymnastics background. Certainly not all, but gymnastics training is something that all of the elite vaulters do. We have a lot of pole vault specific drills that we do on...
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    Hi, I did gymnastics while growing up and through high school. Turned out for the HS track team my junior year and they got me hooked on the pole vault which was a new event for girls back then. Ended up pole vaulting in college, but was fortunate enough to have some access to gymnastics clubs...