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    Injury help?

    Consult your coach about what to do moving forward. Most are trained in setting reasonable timelines for gymnasts with injuries. You also said you don't start competing for a while, correct? I don't know what your injury was or how much you have already recovered, but you said you have been out...
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    WAG Floor Routines

    I agree. Call to clarify if the same coreographer gave them this routine and they were unaware. If not, I would be just as mad as you are and look into the legalities of the issue.
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    WAG Springboard for bars?

    If the coach banned the use of a springboard, ask if they can use a wedge (our gym uses the white and black ones). This does not provide any extra bounce and is lighter and easier to pull away after their mount. The only downside is that a gymnast standing on the front (higher) edge can weigh...
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    WAG 2019 World's Team - let's discuss

    She has an elbow injury and is set to have surgery in December.
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    WAG 2019 World's Team - let's discuss

    Solid team, but I wish Morgan Hurd was on the "team" and not an alternate. :(
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    WAG How to build arm and shoulder strength

    I agree with everything Cmumgym said. Another way to work on pull-ups is to rest your feet on a block (at home this can be a chair or footstool) and while keeping your legs straight and your heels on the edge of the block, do different sets of pull-ups. Tricep dips, normal pushups, and triangle...
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    Dating amongst coaches and parents help please

    My thoughts exactly. I just misinterpreted the original post and thought there was blatant favoritism. If not, who cares?
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    Dating amongst coaches and parents help please

    Woah...I would not blame you for feeling uncomfortable. The obvious favoritism and better treatment is a problem. Does that coach spend more time with the daughter than the other gymnasts? However, if the Mom & Coach are in a serious, long-going relationship, I would expect a close bond between...
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    When and what for dinner?

    Right after school, eat a filling snack and finish homework. I recommend yogurt & berries, yogurt & granola, mixed nuts, trail mix, KIND granola bars, or grapes and cheese sticks. Bring a large water bottle and/or sports drink to practice. Use a break during practice to eat (talk to coaches...
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    WAG Trouble landing my Aerial

    Run, step, or hurdle into it. Do whatever feels natural. Personally, I would take 2-3 steps and hurdle into it. (I'm assuming you know what a "hurdle" is because you used to be a gymnast)
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    WAG Trouble landing my Aerial

    A common issue in landing side ariels in not kicking your back leg high enough. Using your back leg to drive you over will allow for a faster flip, which helps you land more upright. Another issue may be the lack of practice, which likely lowered your mental confidence and weakened your...
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    Struggling to stay positive in practice

    Stay positive! You may not catch up to your teammates right now, but that's only because you took a year off. Don't push yourself to be at their standards, or even at the level you used to be, because that's not where you are right now. I don't know how serious your injury was, but it won't help...
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    Is it too late?

    Okay. Thanks!
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    Is it too late?

    Why is the poster banned?
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    Listen to motivational music and visualize before meets. Also try using some positive self talk before your routines. Remember, it’s a SPORT, not life or death. Don’t psych yourself out over it.
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    WAG The dreaded 13-15 year old hump

    I did the same thing. It was hard but now I’m moving on to other sports. That age seems to separate the super-dedicated gymmies from the less serious or burnt out ones.
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    can anyone help me by telling this????(fast)

    Yeah, you need strength and technique training. If you REALLY can't see a coach, try watching YouTube videos from CREDIBLE gymnastics channels to help with the technique. Push-ups, sit-ups, hollow-holds, shoulder shrugs on a bar, and wrist stretches may help with the handstand. Make sure you are...
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    Back Layout Tips & Diving

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    Award Scheme Coaching Core Proficiency

    I’m not from the UK (I live in the United States) but from what I’ve read, it outlines the strength and physical attributes needed to achieve skills. Basically a “how to teach skills” course? It says that the course goes over how to train gymnasts based on their skill level, structure classes...
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    WAG Questions about grips

    I’ve seen only a few companies use “advanced” (mostly online stores) to describe having a dowel AND buckles. You are right about beginner grips having no dowel. My coach also seems to think that Velcro grips are beginner grips because most don’t have a dowel and the younger or lower level girls...