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    Parents Daughter frustrated

    It’s funny her dad has been taking her for a latte on Saturday mornings and she’s been having really great training sessions in the afternoons. I was disapproving because I didn’t think she was old enough but maybe there’s something in it!
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    Parents Daughter frustrated

    Where I live you have to have an ‘official diagnosis’ to get medication - but there is a 2-3 year waiting list for the diagnosis. She’s been diagnosed privately but not permitted medication. It’s not very common for adhd to be considered severe enough for meds. We have been trying to manage it...
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    Parents Daughter frustrated

    Yes our club does recommend some girls move over to a tumbling club in the next town, and to be fair they do very well over there. My daughter is desperate to do bars though. I’m thinking I need to find a way to help her demonstrate that she is “coachable” enough to move up. It could be my...
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    Parents Daughter frustrated

    Floor and vault competitions are common here - seen as a more fun way to do gymnastics than the ‘serious’ 4 piece stream.
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    Parents Daughter frustrated

    Hi everyone. My daughter is 10 and she trains with the lowest competitive group in the club she belongs to. This is only for 4 hours a week and they only compete on floor and vault. I top this up with 4 hours of lessons from the local authority, where she is outgrowing their programme, training...
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    Parents Engaging the core

    I’m a coach and a parent and I teach development groups this age. Not everyone gets the idea of making these connections and using their core as early as 6, it can take a while as it’s quite a sophisticated concept. We do a lot of arch and dish exercises, v sits and so on, which can help the...
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    Coaches Coach and parent question

    I’m a parent and a coach. I’m not really happy with the club we train at but there aren’t many other options unless we travel quite far. I feel quite conflicted with giving feedback because they know they are the only show in town. I’m hoping that over time I can help to change it from inside by...