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    Coaches Sq. Feet

    Brown's Gymnastics
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    Level 7 Floor routines USAG

    In level 7 you want to do the least hard skills you can do. Stick with the basics because everything comes from a 10.0 you want to do the easy skills that way you will have little deduction. Although i think having a full is great and a must have for level 8 I dont think you should compete it...
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    Skills For Level 8 Beam

    Gimchick for level 8 you need a flight serious with two flight elements.... are point in a move when nothing is touching the beam...i.e. backhandspring, backhandspring roundoff backhandspring fronthandspring front handspring fronthandspring roundoff backhandspring backtuck
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    Parents Sq feet

    I read an article the other day and it said the largest gym in the world is 55,000 sq feet, my gosh that must be huge. I was curious how many sq. feet is your gym?
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    Coaches Sq. Feet

    I read an article the other day and it said the largest gym in the world is 55,000 sq feet, my gosh that must be huge. I was curious how many sq. feet is your gym?
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    Mistakes when Opening a Gym

    I am currently in the process of opening up my own gym. I am shooting for a future opening day of about a year. I would like it to be less because I am really excited about this but I do not want to rush anything, I want to make sure I have all my ducks in the right water. How long ideally does...
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    Need some good front handspring drills

    I also have some of my girls doing front handsprings on an elevated surface. I have a panel mat in front of a big mat at least 16 in, high. The girls put their hands on the mat for the front handspring entry then pop to a hollow body postion onto the mat. Make sure the gymnast watchs their hands...
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    Coaches What is the purpose of the level three vault?

    I coach the level 3's and i agree with the r/o run back. I think its a great idea to get the child to learn powerful backwards motion out to help create a longer faster backhandspring. The vault is ridiculous I just teach a handstand flat back b/c I dont want my gymnasts diving into a mat. I...
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    When you get a calus you must shave the skin back down. Therefore you have less chance of ripping. I also heard putting tea bags on your hand at night... i've never tried that one...but i heard it works
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    Parents Snacks?

    Most of the time my girls only come for 3 hour practices. I allow my gymnasts to have a healthy snack if need be. I do not designate a snack time for them but if he/she feels they need it then I see no problem in having them regain their energy.
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    WAG Awsome Freehip Video

    I love this drill, this is such a great idea. How tall are those wooden slabs??
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    Coaches spotting 1/1 twist

    I was curious on the correct way to spot a full twist on floor. I was looking at some videos online but they are kind of blurry. I didnt know if anyone had any tips or had any videos that show slow motion on hand placements?!!
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    New User

    Heyyyy Everyone, I getting my hands chalky!! :) I am a new time user just registered today. I am a Level 5 coach at the Gymnastics Academy of Boston in Norwood, MA. Just stoppin by to say Hello:cool: