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    Parents Hard floor

    Thank you, Amanda. Ordered the cups just to be safe. Let's see if it helps!
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    Parents Hard floor

    DD recently moved to a new gym (September) and has commented from the beginning that she finds the floor very hard. She's getting more rebound, but recently has been complaining of ankle pain. She uses supports for her wrists; I was wondering if there are comparable supports for feet/ankles...
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    WAG From NY Magazine

    If this got posted already, forgive me and feel free to take it down. But this got me: It has by the fall of 2018 become commonplace to describe the 499 known victims of Larry Nassar as “breaking their silence,” though in fact they were never, as a group, particularly silent. Over the course of...
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    Parents transitioning to dance from gymnastics?

    My 12 yo dd did a little dance on the side while in gymnastics and this year decided cut back on her gym (joined a USAIGC team) so she could increase her dance. She's now doing three hours - jazz, ballet, hip hop - all at an intermediate level. She's middle of the pack on the jazz and hip hop...
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    Parents Spotting

    That's a good clarification. Yes, they did shaping, but not really spotting. For instance, lots of flyaway drills but actually doing it is all about the build up, learning the release, and then it's go time.
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    Parents Spotting

    Just curious - what is your gym's stance on this? To spot or not to spot? Or perhaps limited spotting? And what's your feeling? My dd's old gym had a pretty strict no spotting policy. They'd do so many drills in order to build up to a skill and if the coach thought a child was ready to perform...
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    Parents Low body fat

    Dd's coach was L10 and 5 feet even at ninth grade. She quite gymnastics shortly thereafter. She shot up six inches her first year after and three the next, landing at 5'9". I suspect it's not a typical story, but it always amazed me.
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    Hello : )

    Welcome aboard. It's truly a wonderful community, full of insight into this crazy world, support when you need it, an ear when you just have to vent.
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    Parents Shift due to injuries

    This made me laugh. I work in books as an editor and I cringe when I make errors.
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    Parents Shift due to injuries

    I have heard that they can outgrow so much of the growth plate issues. She just seems far away. She’s almost 12 and has at least a year if not two to go. Supports: Ez-wrap on floor and vault (tp variation) and skids on beam. She didn’t like having anything on her hands so she could feel the beam.
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    Parents Shift due to injuries

    Sorry I’ve been off radar. She is about to turn 12. She’s had multiple bouts of wrist pain thru the years. On L6, broken nose, hand, foot. Remind me to tell you the hand story - it’s epic. Mild aches on L7 like a shoulder strain or locked knee. And this year was repeating L7 - wrists bad July...
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    Parents Shift due to injuries

    This is exactly what I’ve been hoping to hear. My dd has had repeated bouts of gymnast wrist. The good news is the multiple X-rays and mris have shown no lasting damage. Inflammation and pain. And now a knee injury bc she was front tumbling too much. This is what I want for her. Please hope...
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    Parents Shift due to injuries

    Understood. In our gym they use the term rec colloquially to cover teams like xcel or joga that are not JO. No slight was intended.
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    Parents Shift due to injuries

    At this point we are not sure if dd will recover to even continue in gymmastics at all. She really wants to stay in JO. I think given her body’s inability to take the repetitive pounding that if she has any shot to continue, it would have to be in USAIGC. I’m wondering if those who have had the...
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    Parents Uggh....

    That whole post was a gut punch to read. I can't even fathom how it felt to live through it. That said, I think you have a fantastic game plan. So many parents would have just made snap decisions or put a plan into motion before sitting back and evaluating. I think you are doing the absolutely...
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    WAG USOC chief executive steps down

    And he's battling cancer. Duck and cover, boys, duck and cover.
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    Parents Wrist bands for tiny wrists

    The key word here is AFTER. Because watch out if you make the mistake to wash BEFORE and ruin them right before a meet. Even if you have a drawerful of brand new tight ones that could work just as well. Then you get in big trouble.
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    WAG Karolyis - was this posted already? If so pls delete.
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    Parents Non-gymnastics Summer Camp

    I also just think it's an experience she needs to have to know if it's for her or not. At my dd's school, most of the girls go at 8 or 9. She decided it was super important to her so we signed her up for three weeks and off she went. She didn't love it and decided she was happier doing a...
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    Parents Wrist bands for tiny wrists

    The other thing I discovered re: strap bar (and maybe you already knew this but I'm late to the party), but there are different length straps you can use for strap bar. And they too can get stretched out. When the straps kept disappearing and the ones left were too big for my petite girl, our...