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    OT Dress Pants for ex-gymnasts

    Has anyone found a dress pant brand or style that works for them or their ex-gymnast daughter? I've been faking it up until now with colored jeans and a pair of black pants I found in highschool, but I'm about to start interviewing for jobs in healthcare and want to look professional, so I am...
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    WAG Elite gymnast

    Elite is the level of international world/Olympic gymnasts and is usually thought of as after level 10 in the US system although it uses a different code of points, and the exact difficulty competed differs between countries and the strengths of their programs. (For example, I heard there were...
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    Hello! (again)

    You should definitely try it!
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    Hello! (again)

    Hi all! This is a bit of a reintroduction; I was a CB member in high school when I was training level 8/9 but needed knee surgery and thought I was done with gymnastics through college, though I still loved the sport. I really started following gym again in the past year, both the overall elite...