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  1. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Musings of a Gym Parent in Isolation

    I have a senior daughter as well, The good thing is she moved from training level 9 to High school so she got to finish out her season barely (younger sister who is on the MAGA team first year on competing team , she is only 7 missed out on her last meet ) but thankfully 18 yr old but this is so...
  2. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Coronavirus

    both of my girls gyms are closed (1 is JO and 1 is a MAGA gym ) in MN
  3. 3gymgirlsmom

    Time to say goodbye Bogwoppit

    We will miss you Bog
  4. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Well today Chalk bucket baby

    We make sure she doesn't see them , they all moved up so I have just told her to ignore it and have fun with her bestie who is on the team
  5. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Well today Chalk bucket baby

    got to compete a full meet , I love time hop and noticed that a year ago she was in the hospital for a post chemo infection and today she got 4th on bars at her meet :) Other events well not as good but she was able to get out and compete!
  6. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents why are some kids so rude

    yes she had brain cancer and she has finished active treatment still has a lot to battle , The parents are not horrible but def make me feel like its all my fault. we are so happy and excited about them moving up as this is the goal of this sport to keep improving, the girls are not bullying her...
  7. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents why are some kids so rude

    She does have her TRUE bestie on the team , they have been best friends since they were 5 (now 9) and met because they were on the preteam together , and EVERYONE comments on how amazing they are together and how when 1 doesn't get a skill the other gets bummed and wants it so bad for them to...
  8. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents why are some kids so rude

    she is not being bullied per say , they just ignore her now but just before they moved up they would (I was right there) be talking about meeting up right in front of her and even look at her and then move on so they knew they were excluding her. my dd was no where ready to move up as she was...
  9. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Teenagerdom and gym

    this is sort of happening to my 9 yr old, she is the only one that didn't move up (she had a rough year last ) anyhow they would talk about doing things right in front of her and one even looked at her then moved on to the others ( this was suppose o be one of her close friends too) now 2 of...
  10. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents why are some kids so rude

    My dd is pretty much the only one that did not move up and (we expected this since she had been sick a lot and did not compete much last year ) and while she was on the same level 2 of these girls acted like her best friend and now they won't even talk to her or even say hi since they are a...
  11. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Woodward questions re. schedule and training groups

    what week did she go? 2 of my girls were there this past week.
  12. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Go Fund me accounts?

    I know Its not a good idea to have a Go fund me account for gymnasts but what about the gymnasts who have a go fund me account for medical reasons , A GFM account was set up for my dd to help us pay for all her non gym related medical costs and due to having such massive medical people have...
  13. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Woodward east

    Thanks thanks Bog she is doing amazing and Is my little hero <3 I know she will have a blast and I refuse to let my mommy worry get in the way of her getting the experiences she should have and deserve.
  14. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Skipping level 3... Thoughts?

    My older girls the level 3 was the level 4 back then and my 9 yr old we didn't do the new level 3 but my 5 yr old is Working skills for level 3 , I really wish she would just skip that level since I have the mill circle
  15. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Coach help ideas

    No she is a level 4 (3rd season , season 1 she moved up after season started so late and only 3 meets, Season 2 she had just finished Chemo , So only did the last 2 meets and partial since she finished Chemo in September and competed in November) and I will have her sister Record her at the...
  16. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Woodward east

    She will be flying alone with her 16 yr old sister , I am a wreck but know this is a very good experience that I will regret not letting her do. Last summer she was basically living in a hospital having chemo treatments so my goal is to let her have the best summer ever this year.
  17. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Coach help ideas

    My dd has 2 new coaches to her , and She likes them but seems to have issues with 1 coach constantly telling her she has bent legs (she is ok with being told corrections ) the issue is the other coach tells her they are fine so she is getting Conflicting corrections , She also is told she...
  18. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents bruises from grips

    My dd has the same and refuses to use hers, we ended up bringing them home to break them in and when they are broken in she will bring them back and work , at this point it may be after season , but she has also gone 2 seasons of level 4 without them since her hands are smaller she waited and...
  19. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents Woodward east

    I thought the kids have to be 7 , My dd is 9 and going to West next month, Im so nervous about sending her.
  20. 3gymgirlsmom

    Parents The end

    Last night 17 yr old dd had most likely her last meet ever since she is in high school team now and is a senior. I still have 3 left in team. so bitter sweet. She did not do as good on the first 2 events (as a mom I think she did great but she did fall on a new skill) but her last event she...