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  1. Gymmom826

    Parents For those who have changed gyms…

    Personally, I think it's very immature to ignore children or even parents that you've been friends with for years or have them ignore you. I think it's very hurtful. Not from experience just from what I've read others on here have experienced is sad.
  2. Gymmom826

    Parents How much is your comp leo?

    Yes ours is $350
  3. Gymmom826

    Parents Meets question

    Does it matter what meets are attended? We were informed all meets will only be in our home state due to rising gas prices.My dd will be in her second year of Level 10 so I'm concerned. Shouldn't she need to attend big meets?
  4. Gymmom826

    Parents Email from USAG this morning (Webinar: Tough Coaching vs. Emotional Abuse)

    I watched the webinar. It was about tough coaching vs emotional abuse. The examples were all about emotional abuse. She didn’t give any examples of what “tough coaching” is compared to that, so if she had given more examples of that to understand better.
  5. Gymmom826

    WAG 30 for 30 Heavy Medals

    Yes. It was very good. I never realized that the Karolyi’s retired after the 1996 Olympics and that they were asked to come back in 1999 by USAG.
  6. Gymmom826

    WAG Haney under investigation

    Yep As per USAG, I thought they said parents were allowed to view practice now at all gyms.
  7. Gymmom826

    Parents Social media

    Would it bother you if coaches “like” and “comment” on other gymnasts’ posts but not your gymnast? Should anything be read into it or do you think it’s just making something out of nothing?
  8. Gymmom826

    WAG Tuition cost??

    20 hrs $600 month
  9. Gymmom826

    Parents Talent v. Expense

    We don’t have a lot of money either. I had to go to work. Every family has to make their own decision. If there is a true passion for the sport then go forward. If not, maybe just go recreational or less expensive route. But they will always benefit from gymnastics.
  10. Gymmom826

    Parents Parental "rewards" for basic gymnastics skills?

    I’m against it. They shouldn’t be rewarded. I don’t think it sends a good message. If done too often, the reward can take presendence over the work required. Just my opinion.
  11. Gymmom826

    Parents Balancing academics with training and... life

    When my dd was age 7 and Level 3, she went from 4-8pm three times a week and Saturday mornings. I would pick her up at 2:45pm from school. She would have a snack and do her homework on the way to the gym. The gym was an hour away. She would get home after 9pm. She would have dinner and do any...
  12. Gymmom826

    WAG Commentators

    I’m glad to see Andrea Joyce back. I think she asks very good questions and really gets good responses from everyone.
  13. Gymmom826

    WAG Temporary training facility announced

    Is that Aimee Boorman gym?
  14. Gymmom826

    WAG Commentators

    I brought up this topic, because I did like Al Trautwig. I like his voice and how he asks questions. It makes it seem like he doesn’t know the topic, but they’re questions someone like me watching would have. I also thought he was funny. Also, I wondered about Andrea Joyce because they ended up...
  15. Gymmom826

    WAG this is cool!

    Thank you for posting this. My dd was on it I had no idea. Thank you to chalkwarrior for putting this together.
  16. Gymmom826

    WAG Commentators

    Does anyone know what happened to Al Trautwig? And Andrea Joyce? Who is the new commentator?
  17. Gymmom826

    Parents Skipping level 3... Thoughts?

    I think level 3 or 4 should be repeated and not skipped. They are a good foundation for the future levels. Levels 5/6 I think can be skipped. Just my opinion.
  18. Gymmom826

    WAG Pac Rims

    Ok thanks anyway..I definitely do not want to have to pay..
  19. Gymmom826

    WAG Pac Rims

    Is there a way to watch the Pac Rims?
  20. Gymmom826

    WAG Jesolo

    I was wondering why there was no team for the US?