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  1. Jen H.

    Parents (Not sure where to post) picture share...

    :p I am Very good at creating Internet problems!
  2. Jen H.

    Parents (Not sure where to post) picture share...

    Why is my daughters foot your profile picture!?:eek:
  3. Jen H.

    Parents (Not sure where to post) picture share...

    Ironically, this is what her foot looks like today... She landed on the side of her foot on a rebound, and we spent the evening at the ER.o_O Thankfully just a sprain no break!!!
  4. Jen H.

    Parents (Not sure where to post) picture share...

    Our girls had team pictures done on Friday, I bought this one of my girl, love it so much!
  5. Jen H.

    Parents The guilt...

    Please explain the trombone injury??!!:eek:
  6. Jen H.

    Parents The guilt...

    I don't blame them, they were both as busy as I am, without all the modern day advantages that I have at my disposal (cell phone, Internet, etc...) and really, this post is not THAT deep:p I am really just taking this from the point of seeing her visible scars, her invisible ones, and the fact...
  7. Jen H.

    Parents The guilt...

    I know I am preaching to the choir here...but it really is the only "safe" place to do it, and where I know you all will get it. The guilt, oh the guilt. I know my girl has had it relatively mild in regards to injuries, but she did have elbow surgery in the past Spring, and it absolutely kills...
  8. Jen H.

    WAG In case you were too young & missed it ..

    I weep every time! Wish it had her floor music though... So dynamic!!!
  9. Jen H.

    Parents Shoulder injury

    My girl has winged scapula and we have been doing PT for 2 months, with marked improvement. She had been experiencing intermittent (nerve?) pain in her upper arm over the summer, and in hindsight, this is likely where the issue began and started her using her muscles incorrectly and contributing...
  10. Jen H.

    WAG Any advice on getting a Stalder to Handstand?

    My girl has one in her routine, and her explicit instructions are: "Do it 10, 000 times or so" o_O I know that it similar to the kip in that it needs precise timing and lots of core strength. I know my girls coach tapped her doing, then used The Coaches Eye app to break it down and show her...
  11. Jen H.

    Parents Meet fees?

    We also have a coaches "discretionary fund" which I am assuming goes towards travel expenses related to meets for our coaches.
  12. Jen H.

    WAG An Interesting Read on What Gymnastics Teaches

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!!
  13. Jen H.

    Parents Good thoughts needed for CB parent

    So happy that he is on the mend- he is one of my favorites from here.
  14. Jen H.

    WAG Christmas Gifts for Gymnasts - From Coaches

    Our girls were given headbands with our teams logo on them- a huge hit!!
  15. Jen H.

    WAG One reason you shouldn't worry about those early levels!

    Ha! My daughter "superman'd" vault several times as a first year competitor!
  16. Jen H.

    Parents You can go back, at least for awhile.

    Wow! I don't know that a lot of people can say that about an ex-gym! They sound wonderful, glad you had a great experience.:)
  17. Jen H.

    Parents Phrases kids use to describe how well ( not well) a skill went.

    Asked my girl yesterday how her Stalders were going and she said "not so gross any more". I'll take it!:p
  18. Jen H.

    WAG (Open) Gym in S. Florida (vacation)

    If I say Dunno recommended them, will they know who I mean?:p
  19. Jen H.

    WAG (Open) Gym in S. Florida (vacation)

    We are headed to Florida (Boca Raton area) tomorrow and my girls when I asked them what they wanted to do while we were there, said they really wanted to attend an open gym. Not necessarily to do any tricks or anything, but to condition, and check out a different gym. Middle daughter competed...