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  1. dreamofgymnastics

    Are there any gymnasts out there that.....

    I'm level 4 and in that age range.
  2. dreamofgymnastics

    younger gymnasts with older gymnasts?

    Hey, im 14, and i train with mostly people my age. But there are a few younger girls and we all get along just fine.:) I actually like some of the younger girls a little better. They're less dramatic and overall super-sweet. Most of us older girls love the younger ones. Don't worry, she'll...
  3. dreamofgymnastics

    Sprained knee

    Hey, I have a sprained knee, and I also have evaluations in a week to move up a level. The thing I need to work on most is bars, so I was wondering whether or not it would be smart to work on bars with my sprained knee.
  4. dreamofgymnastics


    Good luck!
  5. dreamofgymnastics


    Thank you guys so much! I'll definately try those tips!
  6. dreamofgymnastics


    Hi, I'm new here and new to gymnastics. I'm 13 and a level 3.:D So far (after 1 practice) i love gymnastics!
  7. dreamofgymnastics


    I just started gymnastics last week. I can do anything else i'm asked to do, but i can't do a backbend. Its like i'm scared to go backwards or something. And if i do try, i land on my head. Help!:(