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  1. Farreller

    OT are you allergic anything?

    I was never allergic to anything as a child, besides Pampers nappies (diapers)! But in the last three years I've become allergic to blueberries and bananas, and just this year pollen. I'm also being tested for coeliac disease, which I am praying I don't have after 18 years of gluten-gorging...
  2. Farreller

    Question about piercings and body art and leo

    I think the leotard was full of attitude, and much cooler than the juvenile pink ones Liukin used to wear. As regards piercings, you are only allowed to wear one pair of earrings in the lobe I'm sure, but I can't see deductions on anyone in any big meets for having more. Besides, they can't...
  3. Farreller


    I wouldn't agree with children wearing make up just for a competition, but I think once you're old enough to have lots of spots etc, a bit of make up to accentuate your best features is no harm. You have to remember that you are putting on a performance, and therefore everything must look its...
  4. Farreller

    At-home conditioning

    I'm in the gym around five days a week, but I still like to take at least an hour out of one day off to condition. Even if your coaches insist you need to condition at home, there's no concrete way for them to implement it, but if you do it you're giving yourself a competitive edge against your...
  5. Farreller

    Floor music!!!!

    I think floor music can be a bit boring over here, everyone either opts for something classical with violins or spanish guitar. My coach is a bit more relaxed though, last year i had What's My Age Again by Blink182, this year it's Muse's Supermassive Black Hole (love them!). My sister has...
  6. Farreller


    I know this is a relatively old thread, but felt I needed to post. I don't think you really need to worry about boys just yet, if one comes along and you like him, go for it, but don't just go searching for one. For me, I've had a boyfriend for three years now, and he's been hugely supportive...
  7. Farreller

    I'm new :D

    Ha ditto, Laura Farrell :) I'm based in Dublin, so prob the nearest part of the country to you! Yeah sems pretty cool, i got redirected here when looking for something totally different, have been meaning to join for yonks now! I'm afraid I'll be at the awkward navigating through the site stage...
  8. Farreller

    I'm new :D

    Yet another forum site where everyone's on when i'm sleeping.. Anyways, Irish gymnast, not much of a gym scene over here but hey, makes medalling easier :P Anyone else over my side of the pond? Or in general, i'm lonely :cool: