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    Summer Camps?

    We have had good experiences with Flip Fest, and Sun Country's camp in Gainsville, FL. DD was 7 when the team went to Sun Country, so I went with her and hung out doing my own thing during the day. Instead of rooming with the girls, she stayed in the room with me. It let her have the experience...
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    Vault landings? - Tsuk Pike

    Yes that make a lot of sense. I thought it might be something along those lines, but I didn't realize it was 1500+lbs of pressure, probably more since she is so powerful. Thanks!
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    Vault landings? - Tsuk Pike

    DD is training level 8 and is sooo looking forward to finally being able to compete her tsuk. Coaches at her gym and at FlipFest camp say her vault is great, but I've only seen her do it unto a mat in the foam pit. I've noticed before that the higher level girls at our gym mostly vault into the...
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    Private lesson costs?

    Ours are the same amount $25 for half hour, $50/hour. DD has had a few privates in her time, mostly when she was younger and needed some focus time in the gym without any distractions. Now that she is older there is really no need.
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    'Normal' clothes for a gymnast shape

    This post will strike a nerve with every mom and gymnast out there! The first time I really noticed how much dds body had changed was when we got easter pics made a few years ago. The gorgeous pink sleeveless dress was totally out of sync with the body builder biceps. We have to do jeans and...
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    Parents Pricey Competition Leos

    DD is optional, level 8, but our team has typically had the same leo for optionals and compulsories. That may change since the gym has switched from compulsory to prep op. ;)
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    Parents Pricey Competition Leos

    What is the most you have paid for a competition leo? I consider our gym owner very cost-concious when she is making choices so our highest cost so far has been $120. We use them for 2 years before switching, and are getting new ones this year. Who out there has the record for highest priced leo?
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    We all know these hands

    My gymnast is the youngest of my 4 kids, so we have seen all manner of sports and sports injuries. Dance beat out football, basketball, cheerleading and gymnastics for the most injuries. Soccer won the award for worst injury. Go figure. Those rips are badges of honor for long hours spent on...
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    Parents Shameless brag alert!!!

    Great news! I got dd one of these "I got my kip" bears, she loved it, and then loved passing it down to another gymmie a couple of years later.I GOT MY KIP CUDDLY, EMBROIDERED GYMNASTICS BEAN BEAR
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    level 6

    My dd's level 6 year was hard for her. It really shook her confidence, especially on bars. Those tap swings on high bar can get you a deduction on each swing if they are not high enough. Also the flyaway has to be a certain height and a lot of girls have trouble getting it up high enough. On...
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    Parents Maybe we need a little roll call

    DD is 12 and planning to compete level 8 in January.
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    Parents Prep Op and Level 6 concerns...please read and comment :)

    When my dd did level 6, it was a really tough year! We also had a major coaching change at our gym between levels 5 & 6, so that may have played a role as well. Our gym had 3 other gymnasts besides dd that competed level 6 that year, the other 3 quit the summer after level 6. My dd was able to...
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    Parents If you have to pack a lunch for your child to eat during practice...

    Fruit is always a great choice, as the others have said. I mix fresh with frozen to help keep cool and appetizing. DD is a huge fan of berries of any type. Also the smaller size lunchables are good for a quick grain, protein, dairy combo.
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    Flip Fest Inv. leotards

    DD was also disappointed with the black nylon 2012 Ozone leo that came a couple of weeks ago. She was looking forward to wearing her flipfest leo to flipfest camp this summer. No such luck.
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    Parents L4 invitation~mixed feelings

    I would trust your instincts. When my DD was invited to level 4 I had doubts and her coach was very supportive of my decision to keep her on pre team an additional year. She was the state vault champion when she did level 4 the next year, and 3rd AA at state. She didn't even find out until years...
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    Advice for gymnast from small gym

    Look at the big picture There are always going to be other gyms that have something we think seems our gym is missing. Better equipment, lower prices, produce more champions, etc. As a parent, the thing I have to care about most is the safety, well being, and happiness of my child. If you are...