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    Parents Level 4 practice hours?

    We do 15 hrs a week - 3 hr practices, 5 days a week.
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    Parents Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling

    It is compulsory, so you could watch a meet to get a good idea of the skills needed. Here is a video of an Oregon vs. Baylor meet.
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    Parents Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling

    While going down the rabbit hole and researching this, I have ended up on several different college Instagram accounts. I looked at Presbyterian College which is the fourth D1 school to add this sport. It looks like they are currently recruiting for their first team. I looked up some of the...
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    Parents Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling

    I just recently discovered the college sport of Acrobatics and Tumbling. I didn't even know it existed. Who knows more about it? Are there full scholarships available for athletes or are they generally partial scholarships?
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    WAG Level 3 Beam Routine

    In the level 3 beam routine, what is the deduction for not getting your handstand vertical? What about not kicking to horizontal? There are probably more technical terms for this. Sorry :)
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    WAG Happy Halloween! Are yours practicing tonight?

    My daughter had practice until 6:00 pm. It was a smaller group. The older girls were still going when we left. I don't know if they ended early or not.
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    Parents Daughter doesn't want to quit...

    This is great news!!!
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    WAG It's Official!!

    Great news!!!
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    Parents TOPs Age For Testing

    Thank you. It is hard to imagine her mastering all of those skills by July, but she is super excited. I think it will be a great opportunity for her!
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    Parents TOPs Age For Testing

    What is the cutoff for when a child must be 8 to test as an 8 year old? Is it at the time of summer state testing or is it by the end of the year? My daughter has a fall birthday and was invited to train TOPs and I was wondering if she would be testing as a 7 or 8 year old next summer, since she...
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    WAG Sometimes I wonder...

    I'm glad you are going to look for better options. We are in the middle of a gym change and I feel so relieved. We have found a much better option. I bet when you find her next gym you will wish you would have moved sooner. Reading your posts about her gym and the ratio of coach to gymnasts is...
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    Parents A New Beginning!

    That's great! I am glad she found something else she loves to do!
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    WAG How many hours of conditioning?

    My daughter goes three days a week for two hours a day. They spend the first 30 minutes of each practice on warm up and conditioning. They do also have some conditioning while they are waiting their turn throughout practice.
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    OT Prayers for Flood Victims

    That is awful! We have had record rainfalls and flooding here too. I am so sorry to hear what happen to them. What a tragedy. I will be praying!
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    WAG Ok, who LIKES their coach??

    I love my daughter's coach. She is calm and caring, but still pushes the gymnasts. My daughter is five and with older girls. Her coach knows that she has to adapt her coaching style for her sometimes, but she still expects just as much out of her.
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    Parents How often does your gym switch leos?

    Wow! That is insane! I can't blame them for being bitter. I can't believe she changed it again after one meet. Crazy!!!
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    Parents Leggings

    Thanks! I just went back and looked at the website and they do sell kids clothes.
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    Parents Leggings

    My daughter is 5. She is just now growing out of the 5t clothes and into the "big kids" section. This has made it easier to buy athletic wear. I just looked at the LLD leggings and she would love them, if they had them in her size.