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  1. Serenity28

    WAG College gymnastics

    I don't have cable I only stream. Where besides YouTube can you catch a college meet?
  2. Serenity28

    Parents Question about summer schedule

    Yes an additional tumbling class
  3. Serenity28

    Parents Simone Team Camp

    Has anyone heard anything about this camp?
  4. Serenity28

    WAG OU Summer camp

    It looks like the OU camp is sold out. I tried to call to see how to get on the wait list for the commuter camp but it's not letting me. Any ideas or suggestions? I have emailed and called the contact number but no response yet.
  5. Serenity28

    WAG Woga Plano vs Frisco

    They also used to have one in Dallas, but sold it to another gym. I think the one in Frisco is bigger than the one on Plano. But they have two locations because of the demand.
  6. Serenity28

    Parents Question about summer schedule

    I think it depends on the gym. Kudos to them for having the summer schedule out already! In my gym if a kid has to repeat a level they usually know by the end of that meet season for compulsory. Optionals were a little different because if they had a giant they could move to L7. If she only...
  7. Serenity28

    Parents Shoot Through not Shooting Through

    It looks like she has some issues with her cast and she is afraid to put her leg up to the bar for fear of falling off. Not sure there is any equipment at home to use for drills.
  8. Serenity28

    Parents Memory box or book?? And acomishments...

    All certificates go with the ones from school in a photo albums. There is one where you can place whole sheets. For the medals I bought a medal holder like this from etsy. I don't do anything big for gymnastics accomplishments because I don't want...
  9. Serenity28

    Parents After practice behavior

    I usually show up to pick up my DD a few minutes before practice is over. I have learned that watching practice is not a good thing. After practice I notice a few parents chat with the coaches after practice about their DD's progression, need for privates, ect. Some do this every practice and...
  10. Serenity28

    Parents Ice skating party

    If she wants to go, let her go. Kids can get hurt anywhere. Not going to a party is equivalent to telling an elementary student who is a gymnast they can't play on the playground.
  11. Serenity28

    Parents WWYD- Weird dilemma with carpool

    I would tell the mom that because of the long hours all the girls break for snack and he daughter never has anything to eat. If you don't feel confortable ask the coaches to make a general announcement about snacks. If the child continues to be without food make a CPS report. A parent...
  12. Serenity28

    Parents Weird Mert Hair Emergency!!!!!

    This is how my DD hair is braided. Extra hair was added so it could last longer.
  13. Serenity28

    Parents Weird Mert Hair Emergency!!!!!

    My daughter has done the braid into a puff in the past. This year she wants to do a braid into a ponytail and it has worked for her in practice. You may also want to consider using gel. We use the Olive oil eco gel. It's light and doesn't flake. The key to using gel is to do it when the...
  14. Serenity28

    Parents Puma Jr is having a rough time :(

    I would check to see if something is going on at school. Depending on your DD age there could be something there that is affecting her attitude
  15. Serenity28

    Parents Scoring low in first 3 competitions..

    What's your definition of scoring low? Also if the coach is saying it's the details they mean straight arms, legs and pointed toes. If this is her first comp season those details are hard for some to master. That's why compulsory is so important to learn the basics. It also depends on the...
  16. Serenity28

    Parents Intense kindergarten+level 2 gymnastics. Help!

    I'm local and an educator what city do you live in? I can recommend some schools.
  17. Serenity28

    Parents USAG divisions

    how is it determined if a gymnast competes junior a, b, or Senior a, b, c.
  18. Serenity28

    Parents Gymnastics books

    My DD is in the third grade and has to do an informational book report on a sport and of course she chose gymnastics. However I haven't been able to find a gymnastics book that includes the history of gymnastics. The book also has to be on her reading level. Any suggestions????