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    WAG HBO "At the Heart of Gold"

    I watched it right after it came out. Super powerful and well done, I was in tears by the end. I also thought it was pretty informative for people who haven't been following the case as closely as those of us here have. I made my roommate watch it with me, and afterwards she said that she never...
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    WAG Daughter’ s friends not supportive of her gymnastics

    I always had a close group of friends at both school and gym, but was and still am closer to my teammates. I also went to a small private school from grades 5-12, so that made making friends at school easier because I was with the same kids all the time and I had known a lot of them since I was...
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    WAG How many optionals are on your team?

    We have around 25-30, split into 4 groups. The first group is 3 Level 9s, 1 Level 10, and 2 diamonds. 2nd group (mine) is 5 diamonds and 3 Level 8s. 3rd group is 5 Level 8s and 3 Level 7s, and the 4th group is 8 Level 6s. 1st and 2nd group have the same coaches and are often combined if there...
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    USGTC Camp in MA canceled?

    According to one of my coaches who works there every summer, it had something to due with a health department inspection. Camp was supposed to start on Sunday and he was only told about this on Thursday. I'm not sure why it was such short notice. I know a lot of campers and coaches had traveled...
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    WAG Level 4 much harder than 3?

    I never scored below a 36 and was 2nd AA at states in level 4 (so what is now level 3). At my first meet my first year of level 5 (now level 4) I had a scary fall on the squat on, scored somewhere in the 31s, and spent the next few months crying over bars before almost every practice. I had a...
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    WAG Bittersweet Time

    I've been wanting to make this post for a while but I forgot the password to my account. Better late than never! Back in April, I competed in my last meet of my 13 year gym career (I'm a senior). Going in, I knew I had a good chance of making regionals if I hit everything. My first 2 events were...
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    WAG Keeping it L8-10 with 12-14yo.

    Gymnast here. One of my personal favorite things about summer practice is conditioning games (usually relay races or competitions). I am 17 years old and still take them very seriously. We take a trip once a month to the pool across the street from the gym or occasionally all go to the beach. No...
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    WAG sprained ankle

    I sprained my ankle on January 10. It was extremely swollen and did not return to normal size until about April. That weekend, I competed bars and beam (with no back tuck or roundoff dismount) with a very heavily taped ankle. I didn't tumble or vault for a month though. So yes, there's a chance...
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    WAG stressed about skipping gymnastics!!

    It is totally not weird. My family goes on vacation for about 10 days every summer and I have felt this way about missing practice since I was 8 years old. I've been missing practice more than I'd like to lately due to a lot of required senior events at my school, and I feel a little bit of...
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    WAG What keeps a girl in gymnastics?

    Gymnast here, also a senior in high school with 4-5 more months left of gym so I've been thinking about this a lot lately. The reasons why I've stayed: 1. It's a huge part of my identity 2. There's always a new challenge, and I never wanted to let whatever injury or mental block I was...
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    WAG Not ready to let go

    I'm turning 17 in the fall and I'm going to be a senior next year, and it's really starting to hit me that at this time next year, I won't be doing gymnastics or going to the gym every single day. I've been a gymnast my whole life and it's such a huge part of my identity and I'm not sure if I'm...
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    WAG Xcel Platinum Requirements

    I do diamond and you have the same bar routine as me, so you're good on bars and should have a 10.0 on vault and floor too. I remember needing a flight on beam for platinum but I'm pretty sure that was just my gym and not an actual requirement so I think beam is good too!
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    WAG Getting involved in coaching

    At my gym, there's usually several optionals who work on Saturday mornings and occasional afternoons assisting with the preschool and rec classes. I'm going to be a senior and am not part of this group (although I am also an optional), but I'd like to be next year. I'm not exactly sure how to...
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    WAG Perks of being a Gymnast (or Gym Parent)

    Coordination Strength(physical and mental) Confidence Knowing that hard work pays off Outlet for stress Another friend group Role models and girls to be a role model to
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    WAG Bad gym/bad coaches/no choice

    @MILgymFAM, as a 16 year old with fear issues that I've dealt with since age 12, your post made me feel so upset for your daughter and appreciate my coaches even when they put pressure on me to get over fears. I hope she knows she is not at all uncoachable, lazy, or untalented
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    WAG Does your gym do Big Sis/Little Sis?

    We do big/little sisters but it's pretty low key. We give holiday gifts, some good luck cards for states, and pictures at the banquet. I don't know how they make the pairs but there has never been a situation where the big sister was younger. I'm 16 and xcel diamond, and I have 2 little sisters...
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    WAG Worth a watch

    This video made me cry, it's similar to the "why do we fall" video
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    WAG So who is right?

    It definitely depends on the person and what you're doing but I have to say vault. I don't think I can do more than 5 vaults without my ankles hurting but I can do way more tumbling passes before my ankles start to hurt. My vault is a tsuk and my passes are fhs front layout front tuck and round...
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    WAG Floor routine

    I got a new floor routine last year, and I really don't like it. I want to get a new floor routine, and the coach I want to do it with isn't my main coach(she coaches me once a week and I've known her since I was little), but I'm afraid to tell my main coach because she choreographed my previous...
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    WAG If you could pick any US meet.....

    From a gymnast: my favorite "big" meets are Manhattan Classic and Presidential Classic. We don't do that many away meets but we do Manhattan every year and it's a very exciting and well run meet although you have to get there early to find your gym in time