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    Coaches Level 8 floor pass

    I watching a level 8 floor routine on youtube ... 9.4 was her score but she only did two passes? I thought 3 tumbling passes were required. She did a 1 1/2 first pass and fhs front layout front tuck for 2nd ... that was it.
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    WAG Level 8

    Can level 8's compete a stalder and toe to hand in their bar routine? Or they can only do one or the other?
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    Coaches Vault height

    She just turned 9 last week ... dont mnow her height. Very short and NOT very powerful
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    Coaches Vault height

    I have a small kid that does yurchenko vaults ... I lowered the vault from 120 to 110 ... it works great. Do judges take off for lowering the vault table? I know it sounds like a dumb question I never thought they did but my boss wants her to vault on 120 even though she cant get on the table.
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    Coaches Level 8 floor

    1 1/2 back twist ... fhs front layout ... back full twist 1 1/2 back twist ... fhs front full ... back full Two different floor routines ... can they do these passes? Am I missing something not talking about leaps and jumps just tumbling passes.
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    Coaches Level 8 question

    Awesome info thanks
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    Coaches Level 8 question

    Coachp I'm onboard with you. Thanks for reinforcing what I was already doing. Sometimes as coaches we tend to second guess ourselves when the process doesn't seem to be moving as quickly but thanks for reminding me to stay on track.
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    Coaches Level 8 question

    Is there another skill you can substitue a pirouette with on bars
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    Coaches Level 9 bonus on floor

    Ok guys a little new dealing with the bonus ... I have a level 9 that absolutely can not 1 1/2 punch front ... she can do the 1 1/2 but not the punch. So any ideas on leap or turn connections for bonus? Also if she went 1 and 1/2 first pass fhs front layout front tuck second can she do a...
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    Coaches Level 9 bars

    Kip pike on jump to high bar, kip cast handstand giant blind into bail, kip pike on jump to high bar giant freehip double back .... what is that start value? Now if u did the same bars and took out the freehip and just did giant giant double back what is that start value?
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    Coaches Level 7 confused

    Are switch leaps allowed on beam and floor ... I have such a hard time understanding the JO code ... I feel like its saying C's are only allowed on bars.
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    Coaches Crabwalks

    What is the purpose of working these for young kids?
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    Coaches Tumbling pass

    Is 1 1/2 punch pike at level 9 on floor considered bonus are just fulfilling special requirements
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    Coaches Leap connections

    Ok a little confused about leap series on floor .... how many steps can u take out of a swtich leap into another leap or jump without losing connection ... please explain the rule for that. Thank you very much.
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    Coaches Level 8

    Can level 8's compete yurchenko layout's?
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    Coaches Toe ahoot Blind full

    Anyone know what this ia valued?
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    Coaches Level 8 bars

    Can u compete a stalder and a double back on bars for level 8?
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    Coaches Crooked backhandspring

    Any ideas for fixing a crooked backhandspring on beam ... leans to left swinging into it and turning over.
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    Coaches 2014 Congress itenary

    Does anyone know how I can get an itinerary for the Pittsburgh congress ...There was one in technique magazine but I lost it.
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    Coaches Side somi

    How do you explain a side somi and any drills?? Thanks guys this will be my first one taught