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  1. gymnastmom05

    irritated with USAG and Simone crew

    I agree with you as much as that might not be the popular opinion. I don't want anyone to suffer mentally or physically. I just wished those around her would have stepped in sooner. I am so sad for Simone. I hope she feels better. But I also feel so sad for the girls that weren't given the...
  2. gymnastmom05

    Parents Has anyone ever "forced" a change?

    I forced a gym change for my DD when she was 13/L8. Her gym was suddenly without a HC and had zero idea how long it was going to be without one (gym made the decision to fire HC without a plan and it was not related to abuse...2 men that basically didn't agree with the direction of the program...
  3. gymnastmom05

    Parents Best to stay put, right?

    My DD was at a gym where she was happy and had grown up with her group of girls. There were times when other people left the gym for better, more elite gyms but we didn't make the move because she was happy and the other gyms were a significant drive. Her gym had a few Level 9's and 1 level 10...
  4. gymnastmom05

    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    I was eligible to get the vax last weekend because I work in the school system. I did not for a few reasons. 1. My husband and I just recovered from Covid a few weeks ago (my gymnast also had it in early December). We are currently fine and I don't expect to have any issues long term but...
  5. gymnastmom05

    Parents Saying no

    Thanks! She followed up today and it's healing as planned. She should be back to close to normal by the time gym opens back up at this rate.
  6. gymnastmom05

    Parents Saying no

    My DD dug out a low, homemade beam my dad had made for her when she was 4. It hadn't been used in years and was in our storage room. She got that thing out, up a flight of stairs and outside (all while I was in the shower and had no idea she had gotten this terrible idea). Apparently she had...
  7. gymnastmom05

    WAG Break and older L9/10's?

    6 months? I would predict only the 1% would be able to afford gymnastics if this lasts 6 months.
  8. gymnastmom05

    WAG Post season meets and Coronavirus

    The childcare issue - well, the working parent's are scrambling because (at least in my area), the normal childcare options aren't there. Daycare's aren't opening their doors to these school age kids, the camps that occur during the summer aren't happening. It is definitely looking more like...
  9. gymnastmom05

    WAG Continued minor injuries

    Has she seen an ortho and/or had an MRI on her back? I would look that route if she hasn't just to make sure you aren't dealing with something more major. I've known of too many girls that have been treated by a chiropractor for back pain only to finally see an ortho and realize there is...
  10. gymnastmom05

    Parents When to tell coaches that daughter is switching to a new gym

    There are so many factors but you should probably be prepared to leave earlier just in case. When my DD switched gyms, the gym didn't contact or converse with her old gym BUT another parent at the new gym who knew a coach at the old gym blabbed that there were some girls doing a try out. It...
  11. gymnastmom05

    Parents Vault and tiny gymnast

    Yes! We're in our 8th competition season and vault is by far her worst event. She's 14 now and only weighs 85 lbs and has the lean legs and arms. She barely gets much power from those little stick legs! But, I feel that's the thing with gymnastics, everyone has to work with their own...
  12. gymnastmom05

    WAG Friend Drama, Gymnastics related

    My daughters school friends aren't gymnast...actually I take that back because one of her closest school friends is a gymnast on an Xcel team. But their friendship doesn't center around gymnastics. They're friends because they find humor with each other. They are on completely different...
  13. gymnastmom05

    Parents Help with gym meet anxiety

    Oh man, I find myself having bad anxiety during the meet (and probably leading up to starting the night before). The worry over enough sleep (we have been the lucky people this season with sessions first thing in the morning and far enough away we have to get a hotel) with the entire family in...
  14. gymnastmom05

    WAG Worst Meet Ever

    My DD's state meet last year was the punch in the gut, I hate gymnastics (as a parent) meet. Everything was going well until the last event. Sad thing was it was bars which was normally the event she does well was a total flop. She missed Regionals by .25 and was the only girl out of...
  15. gymnastmom05

    WAG Help- Backwards issues!!

    First meet is over. She got 1st on both events she competed. Made for a happy kid! Hopefully all 4 events next meet in a few weeks. These mental blocks are mind boggling ---for me! These meets stress me out!
  16. gymnastmom05

    WAG Help- Backwards issues!!

    My DD suddenly developed mental blocks with series on high beam (and then it's like the lack of confidence spewed into almost all events). This is after doing BHS on beam as a Level 5, Level 6, BHS BHS as a Level 7 & 8 (so 4 season/years of doing them and doing them well without any...
  17. gymnastmom05

    WAG USAG enforcing leotard policy

    We were at an NCAA meet last weekend and watching on TV last night. My husband was sitting there going "Why are their Leo's so high?? This seems so wrong! They look like they're Brazilian cut on their bottoms!". I definitely noticed that it appeared some gymnasts (at least last week when we...
  18. gymnastmom05

    Parents Need advice: I am dreading this meet season

    Yes!! While I love to actually watch her do a routine (like after it’s over and it was successful). All of the time (Her time at gym and my time driving), the planning around meets and practices, trying to figure out when the best time for family vacations will work, the MONEY (tuition and...
  19. gymnastmom05

    WAG Does this meet requirements for Level 8 floor?

    Thank you! The composition would be because she doesn't have a connected front tumbling pass? I feel like I completely understand on beam (she competed bhs bhs and a tuck last year on beam last year and obviously others didn't do a tuck so she was fine).
  20. gymnastmom05

    WAG Does this meet requirements for Level 8 floor?

    My DD has had some tumbling issues (not her area of strength). Her new gym is playing around with her floor passes. They had been working hard on her front layout but apparently it just wasn’t going well. They now changed it to this (she used to do 3 passes at old gym but new gym does not to...