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  1. canada_gymnast

    Front Tuck :D

    I got my front tuck! :D well... I suppose it didn't technically count because it was off a block and onto a mini tramp... but coming from a background where we do gymnastics in a school gym with minimal equipment, I'm still really happy ;) next step, onto floor :)
  2. canada_gymnast

    Warm up games/ exercises for Toddlers?

    Ok, So I'm a CIT at my gym, and I'm now assigned to do the Parent and Toddler Class (Like mommy and Me classes) Warm up. The kids are ages 2-3, and I'm stuck for new ideas on games and exercises for the little ones. So far, we've done making pizzas in straddle sit, animal walks, basic head...
  3. canada_gymnast

    OMG - little dd got her kip!

    Wow!! Great Job! Congrats :)
  4. canada_gymnast

    Meet Report - First Level 7 Meet!

    :DD AMAZING JESS!!!! it was really great to see another video of you, haven't seen anything since the summer :( you did great!!! amazing job on the bwo bhs series on beam :) it was very solid :D and loved her floor routine :) was it the same as her usaigc routine? very cute XD can't wait for...
  5. canada_gymnast

    How to Esasy on Gymnastics?

    So for our english assignment, we have to write a "How-to essay" on a topic of our choice. I figured that since i LOVE gymnastics, maybe i should do one on gymnastics :D does anyone have any ideas for a how-to on gymnastics? i was thinking of doing "how to get last place AA at a meet" :P it's...
  6. canada_gymnast

    Canadian worlds team anounced!

    thanks for posting this! I was dying to know who was going to represent our country. :)
  7. canada_gymnast

    Leotard Stores/Open Gym in Chicago, IL????

    ok, then if anyone knows of a gym in downtown chicago, could they PLEASE tell me???????? thanx~
  8. canada_gymnast

    Leotard Stores/Open Gym in Chicago, IL????

    so i'm going to Chicago for a few days this summer, and since I live in Canada, there are basically no leo stores here. does ANYONE know if there are any leo stores in downtown Chicago, IL that sell gymnastic leotards, not just dance ones? because i have enough dance leos... but i have no gym...
  9. canada_gymnast

    Help with BWO on beam

    when I was learning bwo on beam, mostly, i practiced on floor first. i did bwo's starting normally, then I would put them closer together every time, until i could do them with my hands touching each other. I also tried imagining a line on the floor, and to put my hands as close to it as...
  10. canada_gymnast

    Getting leotards in Canada? HELP?

    well, none of my friends wear leos.... or they are too small/too big.... i do parks and recreation, so basically there's levels 1-8, and advanced 1-7, so i'm A4/A5. Wow! you are soooo lucky! i wish my friends and i could swap leos... but unfortunately not lot of my good friends do gym... =( btw...
  11. canada_gymnast

    Getting leotards in Canada? HELP?

    Thanks! i'll try that! and while i'm here, where do you get your leos? just curious =)
  12. canada_gymnast

    Getting leotards in Canada? HELP?

    So, I really want/need a REAL gymnastics leo. Not the ones for dance, the real deal. Only thing is, I live in Toronto, and there doesn't seem to be a place where I can buy a gymnastics leotard anywhere. My mom won't let me buy it online, because she's worried about all the credit card stuff...
  13. canada_gymnast

    My parents won't let me do competitive!

    My parents say that if I do competitive gymnastics, my grades are going to really drop. I have been trying to persuade them for the past year, but they won't budge. I am currently training only 2 hours a week at Parks and Rec, but I love gymnastics so much more, I can live it and breathe it. I...
  14. canada_gymnast


    Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl living in Canada, and I am currently doing recreational gymnastics. My parents are thinking of letting me do Interclub, because I can't commit to all the hours for competitive cuz of school. Does anyone know what it is? And can I still do it even though im...
  15. canada_gymnast

    Hi, i'm new to chalkbucket

    hi, my name is Arina and i am 13, and living in Canada. Gymnastics is my passion, and my life. I do recreationally, but I really want to to a little bit of competing, but my parents won't let me because of school, and also in canada we dont have usag or usaigc so we dont have a lot of...