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    MAG Kovacs triple back

    Just when you think the skills can't get any harder. That's amazing.
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    MAG Proposed NCAA changes

    My concern with head to head is what happens when one team is wining by 15 points after three events (think Oklahoma over the last few years)? In other sports, the crowd empties out in a blowout. So in a gymnastics blowout, would the crowd just leave before Parallel bars? It would have no...
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    MAG Proposed NCAA changes

    I was just sent this petition. Written by a gymnast (probably college) in opposition to the changes. Worth a read. Sign if you agree.
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    MAG Proposed NCAA changes

    I think the worst part about it is the four up four count. It will limit participation and I believe ultimately shrink rosters. Teams will not need as many athletes if there are only 4 per event. It will make it extremely difficult for guys to make the lineup.
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    MAG Rocky Mountain Open College Meet has almost all the videos from this meet. Click on Men, then click on videos. Looks like a new feature. I don't believe they had this last year. Also, if you are looking for college meets, it looks like ESPN is streaming (internet only, no TV) Windy city this weekend. I...
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    MAG A site like Chalkwarrior for men's gymnastics?

    Not to nitpick, but just to give a better estimate. I think the 75 would be close to the number that qualify for nationals, not the total in the country. Last year, in the 18 year old group, there were 30 JE's and 56 JO's. I would assume most, if not all, of those are seniors. Additionally...
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    MAG Special alert to any Nebraskans or people interested in Nebraska's program

    I thought I remembered that Nebraska recently approved a new gymnastics facility. Below is a link to that article. There is no mention of gymnastics in the article referenced by profmom above, only a few sports at one of the satellite campuses. I can't imagine that gymnastics is in any...
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    MAG JO nationals

    I think this is one of those areas where the parents notice more than the administration. I felt awful for several 18 year olds last year who just missed going. These were kids who either have never been or been only once or twice. I wish the allotment was bigger for the high school...
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    MAG What do you do for school to help with the crazy gymnastics schedule?

    Wow! I'm surprised that your gym would expect that the kids would rearrange their school schedule, rather than the other way around. My son always practiced some variation of 5 to 9, 4 to 8 or 6 to 9 depending on the day. School got out around 3 and we were never able to get a PE waiver...
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    MAG National Qualifier

    Most of the kids who go to qualifiers as a Junior Elite either just missed qualifying to P&G's at JO nationals or were injured and did not compete at JO nationals.
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    MAG Recruiting for MAG

    Staying healthy is the key. From my experience, there is not much to do as a Freshman or a Sophomore other than keep working hard and keep their grades up. Grades are more important than you might think. The student has to be able to get into the school as a regular student (this isn't like...
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    MAG Speaking of the age changes...

    My son never competed future stars and is now competing JE at nationals as a high schooler. I think too many parents stressed out about whether their kids went to future stars when my son was younger. Many of the ones that did are no longer in the sport . Future stars is a great program, but...
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    MAG The life span of grips?

    By the time they are eligible for nationals, I would say that you should always have a back up. I've seen several kids have grips break during competitions. You certainly don't want that to happen at nationals.
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    MAG State meets

    I think some of the regions have added lower levels for regionals as a money maker. If you have room for another session and have already rented the venue and the equipment, it's profitable for the region to bring in the additional group. Just have to pay the judges. Meet fees are much more...
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    MAG Allotment

    That is a great table that @karenity put together and says something about what I saw last year. The 18 year old JO group was the least competitive group at nationals. The scores in the 16 year old group were generally higher than the eighteen year old group after the first few places...