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    Need answers NOW! A summer coach is leaving what to get her as a thank you?

    Handmade cards can mean a lot. Tell her in it that you look up to her and she inspires you!
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    WAG help

    Wow it's very pretty! I voted.
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    WAG Backhandspring on beam-realistic goal?

    I definitely think it's a realistic goal. For me, I was stuck on low beam for awhile, until that day that it just worked perfectly and my feet started sticking. After you get your hands on, it's only a matter of time until your feet get with the program. And as for tips... practice! Repetition...
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    Poll: Straddle or Pike Glide Kip

    Straddle definitely. I can do pikes but I get so much more power from straddles.
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    WAG How long to hold splits?

    I personally like holding 2 minutes each split. Then at the end of 2 minutes I hold my hands up for 10-20 seconds. I do this a few times while watching tv. I'm really inflexible and this has helped me!
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    WAG Poll: What level are you and how long did it take you to get there?

    I'm a level six, moving up next season. I'm at a YMCA though, I'm not sure if I'd move up at a club. I started "actually" doing gymnastics 2 years ago, so this is my third year. Before that I just did rec classes about once a year.
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    WAG Comparing the 7s

    I hope my coaches get this information soon. They think new level 6 is like old level 7 and new level 7 is like old level 8.
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    How many hours a week do you train (poll)

    Only 9.5 hours as a level 6. :( But I go to a YMCA so...
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    Epic failures

    Beam: Not mine but it was hilarious. My friend was doing a full turn and slipped. She was about to crotch the beam, but somehow she did the worm out of it. I was laughing so hard. Bars: I had a really scary one where my coach was having me do tap swings with a total of 6 rips (not exaggerating...
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    Summer Goals

    Mine are: Backwalkover (switch leg) backhandspring connection on beam press down mount on beam cast handstand GIANTS!
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    WAG Bad Coaching

    Bookworm, I don't know about JustMeHere, but I have stayed at the YMCA because of a few reasons. Though I could probably get better coaches and equipment at a different gym, the YMCA is cheaper and easier for my family. Just had to mentions that. :)
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    WAG 2013-2021 Girls JO Compulsories...What has changed?

    Haha I've always loved dive rolls! I always ask to do them when the lower levels are! I also love to do swan dives!
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    WAG Back Handspring on Beam - Trouble with hands on.

    I have one main tip for you... practice. When I first started doing handsprings on beam I'd NEVER get my hands on. I literally did hundreds before I'd put my hands on the low beam. Try doing some where you focus only on your hands and don't worry about the landing. Eventually it'll just become...
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    WAG practise gymnastics at home

    Hey kitkat, I'd love it if you'd message me that conditioning sheet! I've been trying to come up with a plan. Thanks!
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    WAG YMCA Gymnastics scores

    Thanks for all the comments! Please add more!!!
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    WAG YMCA Gymnastics scores

    Wow! Thanks for all the feedback! My gym has mandate scores too, I think the YMCA program requires it so teams don't start holding back gymnasts just for them to score higher. I think ours is getting a 34 twice. My coaches make sure no one moves up waaayyy too soon, though sometimes I feel...
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    WAG Open Gym

    That's awesome! Do you have any level 6 gymnasts competing?
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    WAG Open Gym

    I go to a YMCA, so our open gyms don't have that many kids (80+ would be INSANE!!!). Open gyms can be crazy when a lot of younger kids are there that don't know the rules of the gym (Don't cross the equipment for example). However, usually the coaches and some of the older gymnasts can watch the...
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    WAG YMCA Gymnastics scores

    Yeah I get that. Lets say... In your region about what score would win 1st 2nd or 3rd?