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    Parents Physical therapist in NYC

    hi does anyone have a PT in New york that you like for a gymnast? There are so many and yet hard to find a good one. Thank you
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    WAG instant video replay system

    hi does your gym have a system set up where there are cameras set up that the girls can replay and watch themselves on TV's? if so what system do you use or recommend? thanks
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    Parents Qualifying scores in New York for level 4

    Got it Thank you. So she just got 32.75 at a New York qualifying meet so she is into states? But if she gets a 34 or above at any meet even if it’s in Florida then she can move out of level 4 ? The 34 doesn’t have to be in New York ?? Thank you.
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    Parents Qualifying scores in New York for level 4

    Hi. The NYUSAG website shows gymnasts need 32 at a qualifying meet to qualify for states. On the main usag website it says a gymnast needs 34 to qualify out. Which one is correct and is it different by state ??? Thank you
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    WAG DD not building muscle

    hi all my DD is 8 and a level 3 gymnast. She has always been on the skinny side, and has a low BMI....she only weighs 45lbs....she works out 12 hours a week - as do all her team members and i had noticed that she seems to not be getting the muscles that the other girls have. Today her coach...
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    Parents Broken radius and ulna

    Hi my daughter broke both her radius and ulna 9 weeks ago - she came out of the cast a week ago and moved to a splint for 2-4 weeks....she is at the gym conditioning and just being with her team but i would love to hear from other parents who's kid has had a simliar injury and how long it took...