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  1. ahs


    Does anyone have any new drills for underswings on bars, it seems many of our girls still do the butt drop, toes to the bar.:cool:
  2. ahs

    High School & Compulsories

    Do High School teams in your area compete optional or compulsory routines? Here in California most teams compete Level 5 Comp. for JV, and Level 6 for Varsity. When I competed we were able to do optional routines and it was awesome because it gave gymnasts who were having a hard time...
  3. ahs

    Importance of Preschool Coaches

    As a director in a gym, I feel the best classes to train new coaches on is our 3 year old classes. New coaches always feel that is impossible in the first couple of weeks, but after a month and a few helpful hints from some veteran coaches they become their favorite classes. The coaches who...