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  1. GAgymmom

    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    I know a lot of gymnasts have IG accounts, and a lot of them are ambassadors for different companies. I don’t have a problem with that, but I was thinking more about the ones that are ambassadors for different leotard companies at the same time. Ozone recently had an ambassador search, and as I...
  2. GAgymmom

    WAG Improvement! (Worst Meet Ever thread update)

    Tonight was the third meet for my level 4, and she finally broke the “9.0 wall“ down with a 9.225 on beam! She also won floor for her first win on an event this season, and scored a 35.550 AA, which means she won’t have to repeat level 4. Whew! She still has a lot to work on and improve...
  3. GAgymmom

    WAG Worst Meet Ever

    So this is the opposite of a brag alert. My dd had her worst meet ever today (age 9, level 4). I’ll admit, I privately shed some tears. Deep down I felt she wouldn’t have a great meet based on how she’s been practicing,, but I certainly didn’t expect such low scores. We always see the brag...
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    WAG NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    So I’ll probably regret posting this, but it seems the new rule about when colleges can make an offer to gymnasts isn’t being followed. In the past week, I’ve seen several commitment announcements for gymnasts in grades 7, 8, and 9. Seventh grade!!? So anyone who has the inside scoop, is the...
  5. GAgymmom

    WAG has changed their format and it is awful! I tried to send an email to ask them some questions, but there’s no contact info except for fixing scores or misspelled names. Anyone know the contact for them? It’s so hard to navigate and the colors are hard on the eyes.:(
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    WAG She got her kip!

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    WAG This is so sad

    <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"...
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    WAG Region 5.....

    Can someone explain Region 5 level 8 State Team? Is there one per age group, or 1 State team for the level 8s (the top 8 gymnasts AA scores regardless of age groups)?
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    I was just curious, and if this is not appropriate to ask feel free to take it down, but I had a question about the cost of leotards. Over the years I have met many people from all parts of the country in gymnastics, and the varying costs sometimes are unbelievable. Why do some gyms charge so...
  10. GAgymmom

    Leotards: the good, the bad, and the ugly

    Okay, so this is not a crucial subject, just for fun, but I know I can't be the only one! I follow a lot of leotard companies, and some of their offerings are just awful! I can think of one company in particular who advertises some very non-pretty leotards, and posts comments like "This 'elite...
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    WAG Y-Nationals

    So who was at Y-Nationals this weekend?
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    Search Bar

    I've had a lot of trouble this week with the site, and I don't know if it was just me, but now the search bar is not working. Just wanted to throw that out there.
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    WAG Can't think of a good post title, but wanted to share...
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    WAG Brag alert!

    Our gym has finished their competitive season, and we had our levels 1-4 teams finish undefeated and State Champs. Our level 10s were also state champs, and we sent 3 girls to Nationals and 2 to NIT (we only have 12 level 10s, and 3 were unable to participate at regionals). I just have to know...
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    WAG What do you think about this? Just wondering if anyone has any opinions about this.
  16. GAgymmom

    WAG Soft rails

    So apparently JO is requiring the switch to soft rails starting January 2014, the reasons we've heard is because they're better for the elites so everyone has to use them. They are killing my dd's bars!! She is so discouraged! We talked to a college coach friend, and college is not changing...
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    For Parents Just curious, and a little off-topic

    So anyone out there have another gym that causes trouble and constant drama for your gym? Don't name names or places, but maybe you have a little anecdote or story? And if this is the wrong forum, I won't be offended if you have to take this one down. I just wonder if other people deal with...
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    WAG Region 8 Championships

    Anyone want to share a room tomorrow night? I don't have reservations yet!!  at least my Explorer is big enough to sleep in...  By the way, what was up with reservations to get the discounted rates being March 21? The meets weren't even until the 23-25! We're supposed to make reservations...
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    WAG Level 10 State meet report 

    So as you all know I've been very discouraged with my dd's gymnastics of late because of injuries, recruiting frustrations, and meets scores. But Saturday night everything we've been through, everything she's fought for and worked for, all came to a wonderful and glorious head. She had a solid...
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    For Parents Secret meets

    I'd love to hear opinions on coaches taking Gymnasts to special meets and making them keep it a secret and also keeping the whole thing a secret from the rest of the team. Does it bother you? Hurt morale? Make you wonder? Cause divisions and jealousy? Cause unnecessary drama? Is it wrong? Or...