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  1. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Kaz Double Front on VT by Nick Klessing

    Nick Klessing appears poised to have this vault named after him: A bit of trivia regarding this vault: while it has not been done internationally before, it was done by one gymnast in the USA back in 2009, at Whitlow and also National Qualifiers. That gymnast who first performed it was.... me:
  2. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Triple Pike on FX by Nikita Nagorny

    Gymnastics just keeps getting crazier
  3. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Parents Looking for blog/column topic requests!

    So as part of the new chalk bucket, I'm going to be writing a regular(ish) column, the primary goal of which will be to answer technical questions in a way that is accessible to people who aren't technical experts. I want to make the sport more understandable to parents, fans, and other people...
  4. Geoffrey Taucer

    Reminder everybody: NO POLITICS

    A lot of politically important stuff is going on in the US this week. None of it will be discussed on this forum. That is all
  5. Geoffrey Taucer

    The Brag/Self-promotion thread

    Have you done something recently that you're proud of? Post about it here! (To be clear, this thread is for random accomplishments, not for advertising products or services -- if you're charging money for it, don't post it here) Anyway, here's a short rock track that I banged out this morning...
  6. Geoffrey Taucer

    WAG A general and hypothetical discussion of the industry's handling of abusive coaches

    Generally and hypothetically, suppose a gym's coaches showed a pattern of abuse, and this was reported by a high number of athletes -- hypothetically let's say thirty or so athletes. In such a situation, those coaches should permanently blacklisted from USAG in my opinion. Any gym that employed...
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches BHS arms in support phase

    Alright, so let's talk high-level backhandsprings. More and more coaches seem to be coming around to the viewpoint that arms vertical and straight to "block" is suboptimal for high level backhandsprings, because it does not allow the center of mass to pass far enough over the hands before...
  8. Geoffrey Taucer

    I present to you: Coach Tools, the open-source video replay app for athletes!

    Hello, all! I have been working on a project over the last few months to build a replay system for use in gyms, with lots of extra features (freeze frame and automatic hold timer are the big ones). Originally, I'd planned to sell this system to gyms. HOWEVER, given current events I'm guessing...
  9. Geoffrey Taucer

    The Side Gig thread

    A lot of us are (or are about to be) without work or income for awhile. I figure this could be a good place for us to support each other to the extent we can. I've discussed this with some of the current staff, and they've decided to relax the rules about advertising to allow established...
  10. Geoffrey Taucer

    Star Wars (spoilers)

    So.... did everybody else hate this movie as much as I did?
  11. Geoffrey Taucer

    Holiday Thread

    Happy Christmahannukwanzahumanewtonaliasolstivus to all! Anybody do anything fun, go anywhere cool, or give/get any neat gifts? Fun holiday traditions? I spent a few days visiting family up in Massachusetts, got my twin nieces hooked on my favorite author from my childhood (Bruce Coville), and...
  12. Geoffrey Taucer

    The Video Game Thread Strikes Back

    So what's everybody else playing these days? I recently played and loved Octopath Traveler; it's been a good 15 years since I enjoyed a JRPG this much. Visually stylish, stunning soundtrack, fascinating lore, loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed Breath of the Wild, got all the shrines but not all the...
  13. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Training game: brainstorm/game design

    The other day I came up with a workout game that can be used on all events. Each basic or routine skill is worth a certain number of points (which you only get for clean execution), and each upgrade skill costs a certain number of points. Basic skills also have bonuses for specific performance...
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Kovacs triple back

    The holy grail of high bar releases has now been caught:
  15. Geoffrey Taucer

    WAG Simone's triple-double; are we sure she's even human?

    So I spent some time going through her ROBHS triple-double frame by frame (specifically, this video: ) and writing out my thoughts. Here they are: Her arms flair out at the beginning of her roundoff. I've gone back and forth on what I think of this; my current opinion (subject to change) is...
  16. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Quad flyaway

    Have y'all seen this madness?
  17. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Every coach should read this article Every coach -- but especially young coaches -- should read this article. Short version: if you are passionate about what you do, there will always be employers looking to take advantage of your passion. Your passion makes...
  18. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Coaches/owners: what features would you want in a video system, and how much would you be willing to pay?

    So pretty much anybody who follows my posts knows that I'm burning out and looking for an exit from full-time coaching. Right now, I'm working on developing a side gig building video delay/replay/analysis systems. A lot of colleges, camps, etc have these; where you can do a skill, and then watch...
  19. Geoffrey Taucer

    I'm stepping back as well

    Just like bogwoppit, I've been feeling like it's time for me to step back from my role as a staff member here on CB. I haven't really been all that active lately, so this isn't actually much of a change. I might still pop in from time to time, but that will probably be pretty sporadic, and my...
  20. Geoffrey Taucer

    Just how much better is Simone than everybody else? After the qualifying round, the gap between first and second place is larger than the gap between second and 29th