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    For Parents Best to stay put, right?

    ^^^^^ Yes!
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    The clots here have been found in adult women. I got the Moderna in January and February. I would be hesitant to get the J&J.
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    WAG NY Times Magazine article on coaching methods

    I’ve been posting about Chellsie’s comeback on here for months. I’m thrilled she is getting the national attention that she deserves. She has even picked up a few sponsorships. He ankle injury was unfortunate, hopefully she can do well enough to make it back on the national team. I would love to...
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    For Parents Getting to college/Olympics

    The Olympics and/ or a college scholarship are not “realistic “ for any seven year old in any sport. She has to love the sport, remain committed for approximately fifteen more years (to get through college). She has to remain relatively healthy, have the right coaches for her, do well in the...
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    For Parents Fla gyms

    I love to see the words “elite“ and “positive environment” in one sentence.
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    Exactly! The same thing can be said for training. Tight shorts or leggings should not impede training whatsoever.
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    After gymnastics and the grit they learn

    Thank you for sharing! She has grit and persistence and it will serve her well.
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    Our positive rate in Houston is about 4.5% and fairly steady. Transmission rate is at or just below one, so for every one person that gets it, they will give it to one. It’s definitely still around but things are becoming more normal. Most indoor shop require masks but they are open. Many...
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    WAG Tank tops to practice

    A tight fitting tank top over the sports bra ( crop top) would cover the midriff. I have more of an issue with the tradition of female athletes being expected to show their entire leg and thigh. The guys wear short. The underwear type fit of leotards is not necessary to see “ the line”.
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    WAG Tank tops to practice

    I’ve never understood why gymnast have to practice ( and compete) in leotards. Spandex tank tops and sports bras with bike shorts or leggings are just as functional. I realize that it’s traditional but it’s simply not necessary.
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    WAG Switching from XCEL to JO

    At 15, I think she can petition straight to Level 7. I think the coaches can submit a video of her skills to the state chair.
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    excel gold dismount?

    How old are you?
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    WAG Cheetah Cups

    I learned about Defunkify from CB too , I use it on my workout clothes. I use Lume every day, I like the citrus scents, but it does smell a little weird.
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    For Parents What would you do?

    Thank you Aussie Coach, that was really helpful.
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    WAG Cheetah Cups

    Lume and defunkify both work great. Look up the adds for Lume they are really funny and they explain the science behind the product.
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    WAG Interesting meet reactions

    If you no longer want to contribute, move on. Locking a thread is a moderator decision. I don’t see a need to do that now.
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    For Parents Looking for blog/column topic requests!

    I’d love to read your take on Chellsie’s comeback. Some of her skills look higher and cleaner than they did eight years ago. Why? What is she doing better? I have my own opinions, I‘d love to read yours.
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    For Parents Overlooked

    If you allow it to continue you will teach your daughter that it’s ok for people to treat her without respect. Move her, make the decision yourself that she is switching and explain your reasons but don’t give her the choice.
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    Please state your source for this. We respect everyone right to get or refuse the vaccine but we do not allow inaccurate information. We also do not allow arguments. There are many many places for the this debate a gymnastics forum is not one of them.
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    I got my second a few weeks ago. Today I had a picnic with two vaccinated friends. We were outside, with some distance, most importantly, we were together for over two hours. It was wonderful!