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  1. TDiver

    Flip Fest 2009

    So who all is planning on making the trip down to Knoxville, Tn for the Flip Fest Invitational at the beginning of the year? My old coach was talking to me about it and said it is supposed to be a really big meet this year!
  2. TDiver


    Okay so I've been trying to overcome a fear of having to do a certain dive that I have to finally do in the next month and have been kind of putting aside the fact that I'm actually extremley frightened to do it. I've learned so much since starting gymnastics and diving and I have been scared...
  3. TDiver

    Song Butterfly Kisses

    Does anyone have the song butterfly kisses? If so is there anyone you could send it to me? -Tori
  4. TDiver

    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Okay I know Father's Day isn't till Sunday, but it is already wedensday and I am leaving for diving regionals tommorrow at about 6am and won't return until early sunday. The problem is my dad is going to come and watch me compete (which I am thrilled about!), but because of this I can't really...
  5. TDiver

    Head injuries/dizziness

    Hey everyone, I was recently in a car accident about 3 weeks ago. Since the accident I have been getting extremley dizzy and have been blacking out quite a bit. I will just be laying down and all of a sudden the room will start spinning and I will turn over and hold my head just to deal with...
  6. TDiver

    Story Written by a Gymnast

    Ok so this was written by an 8th grade gymnast and its really long and has some mistakes but guys....this isn't just some sport you do for fun...this is the real stuff and in some way or another this is what every gymnast has gone through...including me. All for A Dream Holly bit her lip and...
  7. TDiver


    Hey everyone, I've been getting quite a few e-mails and letters for both academics and athletics and I wanted your opinions about what to look for. I only have 5 official visits that I can take for diving and even though five may seem like a lot, i'm having trouble even narrowing it down...
  8. TDiver

    New Website!

    Hey Everyone! I decided to make a website of my diving and such and this way I can the information out to friends and family of how I am doing and they know when I'm competing near them! It can also help with recruiting because I have videos, photos, results and more one there. I know it's...
  9. TDiver

    How many hours do you train?

    I was just wondering how many hours everyone trains a week and what level everyone is. When I was a level 10 I trained 4 hours a day 5 days a week (because of diving but the gym trains 6 days a week).
  10. TDiver

    Advice for money issues

    Hey everyone, I'm not one of the posters that tends to post all the time but I post here and there. Those that don't know me my name is Tori and i'm an elite diver. I am still 16 so I compete at the junior level, but in diving at that age your aloud to compete as a senior diver as long as...
  11. TDiver

    Flip Fest Invitational 2008

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone is competing there this weekend. I went to the competition all day yesterday because my old gym is hosting it, it's a great meet and seemed to be running pretty smoothly. If anyone wants to post scores you can do it here!
  12. TDiver

    Advice for motivation during injuries

    Hi everyone, i'm sorry to ask for advice but I am struggling with a pretty on going back injury right now. I hurt my back two years ago doing a skill on beam at the gym (sheep jump, then made it worse by doing my series with an onodi in it), and I was out 8 weeks (had an Anyalar tear...
  13. TDiver

    Hey, new here!

    Hey everyone, Just thought I would say this board is amazing, and tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tori and I am 16 years old from Tennessee and did gymnastics for 13 years of my life. I went through many injuries (3 surgeries) during gymnastics and after being out for a year I...