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    WAG Gymnastics history buffs....

    I met a woman named Monica Sullivan this week. Conversation included her Olympic gymnastics career. She graduated med school in 2007 (for time reference). I don't know her maiden name but can't find her on the historical national team list. (Lived and trained in pa, co and a couple other states...
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    WAG Pike's Peak Cup - travel/visitor advice

    We have not done this meet before. Anyone have tips to share? We are staying at the Broadmoore and we will have a car and a couple days after the meet to explore.
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    WAG Team parent meeting comments regarding tuition - any insight

    I know this is hard to talk about, ad maybe gym owners can provide insight as to why I feel like every year I hear the same thing (at 2/3 gyms we are at/have been at - old gym (WAG/MAG/TNT), new TNT gym, not new WAG gym) SO you are at the annual team meeting with the gym or studio owner and...
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    WAG It's vestibular, right?

    DD just turned 13, had a 1" growth spurt this past weekend at super camp (and has been growing a lot - last spurt before she starts, I am sure, which could be any moment THB) For about 2-3 weeks she has lost her beam series (working 8). She has multiple beam coaches throughout the week and has...
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    WAG Embarking on a hours jump - stress fracture/apophysitis prevention

    There is a group of girls at our gym who will be seeing a significant hours jump when the go back to "school schedule". (16 hours to 25 hours) The coaches are confident that the girls can handle it. With my mom hat on, I worry about sleep, school and staying healthy. With my medical hat on, I...
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    WAG Leg cast and giants

    I'm not an ortho or sports med doctor, but I am a doctor. I am A coach either. Here is the scenario, prepubertal gymnast in a short leg cast for Severs. She's learning Giants over the pit bar with a spot. They're letting her work them in her short leg cast. I understand that fiberglass is a...
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    Baseball abuse for my gymmie

    A year ago we were on our way out of an abusive WAG program for kid #1 and had left our TnT program for kid #2 and #3 b/c of losing the coach (the program ended up folding). All 4 kids are now at amazing gyms and all is well on that front. (And I am super appreciative to our awesome coaches and...
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    WAG Gym Growth

    Coaches and Owners, I am curious about how you think about gym growth. If things are well in your program, there will be growth. More kids entering at the preteam (and even preschool) level, less attrition from preteam to team, less attrition from compulsory to optionals and more kids wanting...
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    MAG Boys shirts

    My 2 boys are asking for compression shirts for practice. There has to be a more cost effective option than 40-70$ on GK and GK under armour. Are there are cheaper sites?
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    For Parents Any parents done meets at ESPN World of Sports at Disney?

    I am looking for advice from families who have done it. Cost effective tips? Convenience tips? I am having a little sticker shock (we are a bigger family and my non-WAG gymmies all want to go to Florida with us, understandably)
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    WAG Nutrition component of coaching

    Just wondering your experience with how much, what kind, how intense, how it is delivered... the education/coaching/training your gym includes about nutrition/diet? There seems to be a current focus on it at the gym (24 hour food recall at practice, fast food avoidance, counseling to reduce...
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    WAG Re-learning a new way

    If you learned a skill / started working it "the wrong way", will it always be with you "wrong". Even after months (or years of the "right way") Specifically asking about Giants.
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    Sad for my younger DS

    ODD is level 7 WAG 12 yo), ODS was level 4, 6, 6, working 5,7,7 (10 yo) YDS will be 7 tomorrow. He has done pre-team for 14 months. He got his letter today and he is not moving up to team, so no competing this season. We moved gyms 3 months ago. I think the old gym had told him he'd compete this...
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    WAG When you quietly leave your gym but the owner wages war?

    So do I walk away or do I defend myself to the owner or the other team parents? Long story short, we are leaving after 9 years at our gym b/c of emotionally abusive coaching. But about 2 months ago they hired another coach. We discovered that he has a violent criminal background. Owner didn't...
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    WAG Background checks

    I know USAG requires background checks for all professional members and instructors, but do USAG member gyms have any expectations on background checking all employees? We have a new "coach" who just appeared from out of state. We didn't get any introduction (we never do despite asking for a...
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    WAG Grips - team now being required to all get same brand

    Is it typical for a team to start requiring a certain brand grip for the girls? That they will carry in the pro shop? Many of the girls have different brands (and have had them for years - not the same grips of course, but the same brand/style etc) and are happy with them. I am frustrated by the...
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    WAG I know we want our girls to be able to perform under any conditions...

    ...but I am disappointed when poor meet planning does affect the girls. The meet we were at this weekend only had 3 sets of judges. It was 2 sets of equipment for vault, bars and beam. Only one floor and no tumble strip. All floor warm up was between other competitors, so the girls got at best...
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    WAG Frustration - sorry this is long and really just me venting

    Gymmie is 11 and L6, she is frustrated with her coaches. I dont' blame her at all. Our HC is great, but non-confrontational, and there is only one of her and 78 girls + 16 developmentals. Or "other coaches" have some good traits they bring to the team, but it is almost constant drama. I have...
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    WAG Level 6 struggles

    DD is 11 and a level 6. At our gym 6 is someone who has competed 5 and has all of their L7 skills on 3/4 events. For my DD, she is missing her giant. Our HC really looks to it as a bridge to 7, so we have all L7 routines except no giant on bars. Here's the trouble...1:30 minute L7 floor music...
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    WAG Has anyone received confirmation from IGI Chicago Style meet?

    We early pre-registered (Prior to Sept 1) and it says will random draw from those entries to fill the meet (and then fill with post sept 1 in the order they were received) We have not received confirmation that we got a spot. Payment and gymnast lists are due Nov 1; we have usually heard back by...