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  1. tortuga

    For Parents does brand Panel Mat matter much?

    We're not yet back in the gym and DD L8 wants panel mats. Is the $90 walmart version fine or we need the $130 gym-branded one? Any guidance?
  2. tortuga

    NorCal gyms opening?

    Our county order specifically forbids gymnasitics studios from reopening, but gives as an example, exclusive use of a gymnastics facility as allowable for summer camp. So confusing. Any NorCal teams back in the gym? What county?
  3. tortuga

    For Parents using deodorant a required skill?

    My kid is not yet smelling, certainly some teammates are. Coaches are making blanket statements that all kids should be wearing deodorant. Coach is telling every child and parent singly that children need to wear deodorant. One coach brought in spray deodorant and generally sprayed. When...
  4. tortuga

    For Parents Changing gyms: what surprised you at new place?

    What surprised you that the new gym did differently than the old gym? Not necessarily good or bad, jut different "normal." I'll go first with a few anecdotes from other families as we haven't made a move yet: - gym allows girls to wear shorts only on menstrual days vs. shorts anytime - gym...
  5. tortuga

    For Parents What should gymmie think about when trying out new gyms

    DD is pretty sure she needs a different coach and that means choosing a new gym so she'll have tryouts over the next month or so. We're fortunate to have a number of good choices in our metro area. How do I help her evaluate the team/coach/gym for a fit for longterm commitment? What can...
  6. tortuga

    WAG solid 34 scorer - will it come in time?

    DD10 is finishing her Lvl4 season. She started gym at 7 and was quickly moved to preteam and team, last year was a fun Lvl3 season. She's always +/- a 34.5AA scorer -- but never via the same events, one meet she will podium bars, next beam, next vault... meaning if she could pull it all...
  7. tortuga

    For Parents Nutrition guidance

    My gymmie is 10yo, 51", and 57# and solid muscle. Probably a lot like yours. Mine eats like a bird. Well, a happy morning bird who likes two bowls of cereal or whole grain pancakes or whole grain egg-infused french toast but then barely pecks at anything much of the rest of the day...
  8. tortuga

    For Parents Elements vocabulary?

    DD just finished L3 and, finally, at season end I understand what a "Mill circle" is... I know ROBH and Kip, but some vocabulary rushes by me. Is there a handy site with graphics to help me better understand the vocabulary she brings home?
  9. tortuga

    For Parents new to sport with 8yo, which gym?

    My DD started gym about one year ago. She quickly moved from rec to rec team to preteam. She looooves it and wants to "go to Olympics" -- and we've discussed that path - that there's a LOT of decisions and goals between here and there, including giving up a lot of other things. She's...