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  1. Amusibus

    T & T gyms near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

    I am looking for a gym that offers T & T rec classes that would be ok for an adult to enroll in. The closest I have found is 1 hour and 15 minutes drive and doesn’t offer anything explicitly for adults. I don’t know, maybe no one does, but does anyone know HOW I can find this information?
  2. Amusibus

    For Parents Informal poll - What does your gym require for volunteer work for parents?

    Ok so, I haven’t posted in quite a while, but our gym is hosting a big meet soon and my husband is blowing a fuse about how much time and work is required of parents. For the upcoming meet, a 2 day affair with 625 gymnasts registered so far, parents at our gym are required to do the following...
  3. Amusibus

    WAG Gymnast who doesn't really like gymnastics but refuses to quit

    Hello Chalkbucket, it's been a while. Ok, so, my daughter is now 11 and in xcel. I say she doesn't really like gymnastics because she isn't that kid that cartwheels around the house or sees a large grassy field as an irresistible tumbling area. She will occasionally flip around a bit on the...
  4. Amusibus

    WAG What is TOPS diamond team?

    A couple of little girls at our gym were posted on the gym's Facebook page as having made TOPS diamond team. I have (from this forum) vaguely heard of TOPS A group and B group, but never heard of diamond. What's the difference?
  5. Amusibus

    For Parents New trick!

    Tonight my gymmie did her round off back handspring all by herself unspotted for the first time. Pretty cool. This is a big deal for her as she is super cautious. She is liking gymnastics more the more new stuff she learns. Thinking back a couple years I am amazed at what she's learned, things...
  6. Amusibus

    For Parents Random funny gymnasti-girl photos

    Flying practice, stair splits, and spa time, that's my girl!
  7. Amusibus

    For Parents How to deal with a grandma who won't stop trying to "coach" my daughter??

    My mother is pushy with my daughter about gymnastics. She watched a demonstration they did recently, and after it kept trying to tell her how to kick, point your toes, come over here and show me how you do it right. This kind of thing happens all the time, like after a meet or whenever my...
  8. Amusibus

    For Parents How did your gymnast react to their first really nasty rip?

    Tonight my daughter went to practice with a large blistery bubble on her palm. I haven't gone to pick her up yet but this thing has got to have popped. She has had a few minor surface only "rips" but not a deep painful one. This child is a drama queen when it comes to pain (although somewhat...
  9. Amusibus

    WAG Another Leo Fit Question...tight vs. loose?

    Just curious, our head coach prefers the girls wear their leos so tight they look painted on. She loathes "baggy butt syndrome", particularly for comp leos. This does not bother my daughter, but there are other kids for whom it's a problem. One girl in particular I'm thinking of: she is the same...
  10. Amusibus

    For Parents Gym dad conversation...made me giggle

    We had a long day of volunteering at a home meet this past weekend. After 12 hours, another mom and I went home and our husbands came to do clean up etc. They were chatting, and trying to figure out if our daughters knew each other. The other dad said his daughter's in level two. My husband said...
  11. Amusibus

    For Parents Finally starting to see a spark- and finally got mill circle!

    It was a great day for my 8 year old level 2 daughter. On the way into gym she said she couldn't wait to "climb the rope ten times in straddle". When I picked her up, she told me she finally got that darned mill circle, tonight, for the first time ever. We were talking on the way home, and I...
  12. Amusibus

    WAG A teeny update on hours

    A couple weeks ago I had posted about being bummed out that we couldn't afford the third optional day for my daughter, which is the day they practice the fun stuff, i.e., new skills. Happy to report that we found a way to make it work. As a result of the extra day and some other schedule...
  13. Amusibus

    For Parents Would you say something?

    My little 8 year old is a level 2 in an "xcel-like", slightly more laid-back kind of team program. Her group goes two days a week with an option of a third day. I'd say about 80% of the group goes that third day. I have heard both the coach herself as well as my daughter tell me that "friday is...
  14. Amusibus

    WAG Question about Meet Scheduling

    My older daughter does marching band and is starting middle school this year. After the parent meeting the other night, I came home with a detailed schedule for the entire year of events, parades, etc, with locations, dates, and times for everything right up to the end of the year. My husband...
  15. Amusibus

    For Parents Happy happy

    I arrived a half hour early to pick up my daughter tonight at her request. From way across the gym (only the rec side has a viewing area), I saw her do her first backhandspring! Good timing. Happy that she's finally getting confident enough to do some new skills. I knew you chalkbucket parents...
  16. Amusibus

    WAG Several new skills in one day after months of nothing, weird

    My daughter, age 8 and level 2 just randomly decided to acquire new skills today. The strange thing is, it happened at home on the grass, at a birthday party with no one really paying attention. She got her back walkover, front limber, and on the trampoline front tuck to a stand. These are all...
  17. Amusibus

    For Parents Heel "Bone Bruise"?

    My gymmie got knocked over the other day at practice and somehow her heel came down hard on one of those round iron weights that slides onto the bar for lifting. I can't really understand her description of how it happened, just that her heel got a hard whack. This was 3 days ago. She came out...
  18. Amusibus

    WAG Score Recording?

    I am new to the world of competing and meets, but just wanted to ask - am I the only one who is creeped out by all these parents at meets who are recording scores for not only their child, but every child on their team in all events?? Even at these low level 1-3 meets we go to. What is up with...
  19. Amusibus

    For Parents We're back, baby!

    Just happy. Today my kiddo did her first meet since October after a knee injury, weeks of crutches, missed practices, physical therapy, etc. Today she competed all 4 events, without a knee brace - even the sept and oct. meets she had to scratch vault and beam for knee reasons. And I think she...