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    For Parents Adjusting to wearing a bra for gymnastics

    We have liked justice and under armor sports bras and there is a new-ish company founded in an amazing mission for "regular" girls bras called Bluet. I actually love them too. (I am not sure my girls wear them under leos though)
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    WAG Growth Plate Wrist Injury

    Gymnast wrist can be a long road to recovery (often 3-6 months) and sometimes alters a gymnast's career.
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    WAG Any experience with a scaphoid fracture?

    we treat suspected and documented scaphoid fractures the same in the first 2-4 weeks since that bone is such an "at risk" place. thumb Spica splint or cast is appropriate. the recovery/healing is long and I agree with expecting 8-12 weeks.
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    WAG Questions: Women&girls only

    thinx panties in sport nude colored. (they are washable panties with the "pad" built in, so you can wear nothing else or wear with a tampon in case of leaks. GK has good thin strapped competition bras and capes has a clear backed one if your leo calls for that.
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    WAG Musicality (or lack thereof)

    We, too, have 3 amazing choreographers to choose from based on the gymnasts style. We do pass routines down to save on costs (so a rising 9 may pass hers down to a rising 7 etc).
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    WAG Curious about "Straddle Tap" - when/how to transition?

    @LizzieLac my DD is just shy of 5'7" and straddles but also flexes for fear of hitting her feet.
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    WAG Good luck at Nationals everyone!

    What an incredible journey for them and you! Good luck this weekend!
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    For Parents Taking breaks after meets are done

    Our gym is taking a 5 day break for Memorial day. Then the girls get a couple days off when the opposite part of the team is at camp. Our coaches also cycle the conditioning and drills, basics and upgrades. We also take a vacation 1-2 weeks in the summer/early fall. (we did both weeks in a row...
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    WAG Coach to gymnast ratio

    Our ratios are rising as the gym grows and we gain more optionals than we graduate (a true testament to the program) Our ratios this season ranged from 7-15/1 on bars in a rotation group. They use the 2 straps, single rail, and the 4 full sets as well as a floor bar station. The coach usually...
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    For Parents Standardized tests when homeschooling

    you can test on paper at home using the IOWA test form
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    WAG Gymnastics history buffs....

    Not Monica Martin or bisordi
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    For Parents Injuries

    So the osteoclasts "eat" the bone (it is their role in the constant remodeling) and the osteoblasts "build" the bones. They live in balance .... unless there is a quick uptick in training (so we see this a lot when Cross country season starts for example) stress reactions are when the...
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    WAG Gymnastics history buffs....

    US, artistic and ....maybe lying
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    For Parents Injuries

    Did they explain stress fracture and stress reactions to you? Kind of how they happen and how they heal?
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    WAG Gymnastics history buffs....

    I met a woman named Monica Sullivan this week. Conversation included her Olympic gymnastics career. She graduated med school in 2007 (for time reference). I don't know her maiden name but can't find her on the historical national team list. (Lived and trained in pa, co and a couple other states...
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    For Parents Then what???

    I think it depends on what she has going into diamond now...and if they will let her train things she can't compete.
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    For Parents Gym Tuition Cost

    450$/25 hours a week(optional) 200$/4 hours a week (developmental)
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    For Parents Navigating mean girl drama

    I use a lot of "everyone is working on something" so while your dd may be working on x skill, other girl is working on being humble skills etc. It allows the kids (and grown ups) to try to see others journeys...and fosters empathy. I do like the gymnastics free zone for the car...that is brilliant.
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    WAG patellofemoral pain syndrome

    PFP is related to tight hamstrings and relatively weak quads. I rec PT and isometric quad strengthening.