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  1. tortuga

    WAG Team awards

    Conch shells at an Oahu meet. So glad she didn't place first, the shells were HUGE.
  2. tortuga

    For Parents does brand Panel Mat matter much?

    or $250... 1-3/8 or 2" ack! what's a mom to do?
  3. tortuga

    For Parents does brand Panel Mat matter much?

    We're not yet back in the gym and DD L8 wants panel mats. Is the $90 walmart version fine or we need the $130 gym-branded one? Any guidance?
  4. tortuga

    NorCal gyms opening?

    Our county order specifically forbids gymnasitics studios from reopening, but gives as an example, exclusive use of a gymnastics facility as allowable for summer camp. So confusing. Any NorCal teams back in the gym? What county?
  5. tortuga

    For Parents using deodorant a required skill?

    My kid is not yet smelling, certainly some teammates are. Coaches are making blanket statements that all kids should be wearing deodorant. Coach is telling every child and parent singly that children need to wear deodorant. One coach brought in spray deodorant and generally sprayed. When...
  6. tortuga

    For Parents Another round of "Your kid might be a gymnast IF..."

    No one knows the length of DDs hair because it is always in a bun.
  7. tortuga

    For Parents Gym switch?

    At our gyms no one gets bumped from equipment - rotations are scheduled like clockwork you know how long you have on each piece. It sounds like management and/or coaches need to figure out how to manage sharing the use of the equipment with all the classes and teams.
  8. tortuga

    For Parents Well - we did it - we switched..

    Same for us! The move was the RIGHT thing. I wish we'd done it sooner but she's soaring as it is, I'll take it.
  9. tortuga

    For Parents Post gym switch syndrome

    We did a switch this spring, an easy 2 miles away down a 45mph blvd to 15 miles away in commute traffic. We're making changes to the schedule still to tweak for best use of time. but the change for DD has been fantastic. Totally worth it.
  10. tortuga

    For Parents Changing gyms: what surprised you at new place?

    At the gym we're trying out, the team parents mill around the team door and chat! They talk to each other and greet each other warmly. Or maybe they are the clique? At (soon to be?) old gym, last year was LONELY. The year before was better, but the different moveups changed our group. I...
  11. tortuga

    For Parents Changing gyms: what surprised you at new place?

    Meaning you had a coach specialized in each event so you didn't have, e.g., a L6/7 coach but had a coach for vault, different one for floor, etc? Which coaches attended meets? We've had 3 coaches covering 5 levels, each with events of focus, but can/do coach all events. Kids mainly practice...
  12. tortuga

    For Parents Changing gyms: what surprised you at new place?

    The new family quickly pointed out that inappropriateness and it stopped. cuz. no. I decided if we ever went to such a place, my gymmie would be bleeding every day on principle -- are they gong to check?
  13. tortuga

    For Parents Changing gyms: what surprised you at new place?

    What surprised you that the new gym did differently than the old gym? Not necessarily good or bad, jut different "normal." I'll go first with a few anecdotes from other families as we haven't made a move yet: - gym allows girls to wear shorts only on menstrual days vs. shorts anytime - gym...
  14. tortuga

    For Parents What should gymmie think about when trying out new gyms

    Hmm, we view this process as interviewing the gym&coach as equally as the gym&coach interviewing her for a spot on their team. She is selective, too. :) From her point of view, priority one is to find a gym&coach where she will continue to fly; no point in being accepted by a gym&coach...
  15. tortuga

    For Parents What should gymmie think about when trying out new gyms

    DD is pretty sure she needs a different coach and that means choosing a new gym so she'll have tryouts over the next month or so. We're fortunate to have a number of good choices in our metro area. How do I help her evaluate the team/coach/gym for a fit for longterm commitment? What can...
  16. tortuga

    Kids Ninja course at Trials?

    It's only for boys and girls to age 11.
  17. tortuga

    WAG Anyone done a "parents' night out" as a fundraiser?

    We've never supported a PNO fundraiser. The price point is always too high. If we can hire a teen sitter for $10/h for two kids, I'm not paying twice (or more) than that for a time-limited PNO where the kids will be in a melee. If the price were closer to our babysitting rate, I'd consider.
  18. tortuga

    US Rio Leo

    Try putting the bandaid (or tape) on the leo, not her skin
  19. tortuga

    WAG Camp Woodward West?

    Jumping in and PM'd you too
  20. tortuga

    WAG How do you wash your competition Leo?

    DD handwashes her own. Always has. My job is to tell her they are too chalky and need a rinse!