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  1. catesmom

    HELP!!!!!Good Prep Op. Gyms in IL.

    Can't be much help here, our gym was considering going Prep-Op this past season, it's the first time it was available in Illinois, but decided against it because there were so few competitions. We went to seven meets last year, none of them had prep-op although I guess they would be seperate...
  2. catesmom


    Best of luck for Regionals, how exciting for her. I can guess about the nerves, but tell her to relax and have a great time. Hope all her routines come together, she is an amazing gymnast!:D
  3. catesmom

    For Parents Scoliosis back and hip pain EEK

    I am so sorry to hear that she is going through this again. Big {HUGS} to your big gymmie. She is such a tough kid, it always amazes me what she is willing to go through for her sport. All the good luck and healing fairies from here are on their way! Hopefully it won't be anything serious, but...
  4. catesmom

    For Parents Olivia's 6 years old today!!!

    Hope the big 6 is the happiest birthday ever. Happy Birthday!:):):):):)
  5. catesmom

    Bogwoppit final meet report

    What a beautiful monent to share with us, thank you!!!! You know that even at a distance we can all feel for BBB and I love the beautiful gesture by your youngest, I hope that she can keep going. My Cate is starting to up-train for next year, lots of work on bars and she did her front walkover...
  6. catesmom

    For Parents DD's Level 8 State Meet Report

    I am so glad that your dd's injury was not serious, that had to be such a scary moment. Great performance and wonderful scores. Congratulations to the team too. I know that after the season she had it must have been a huge disappointment, but what a great thing that HC recognised her for her...
  7. catesmom

    For Parents 6 Days 'Til States - Parent Support Group Needed

    Good Luck to all competing this weekend! It's so nice to be sittig here relaxing right now. Although I do have to get up tomorrow and make a side dish for coaches food for the 8-9-10 states this weekend. I'm working on friday, Cates BFF is in the second sesion, so we wanted to be there to...
  8. catesmom

    For Parents State Meet Results

    State Meet was last weekend and Cate had a great time. Scores were pretty much what we expected. Her Aunt and Uncle were able to attend so she was really happy. Scores: Bars- 7.85 Beam- 8.250 Floor- 9.0 12th place Vault- 9.525 4th place 34.65 AA Senior Girls took 1st place in State! So...
  9. catesmom

    I may be dumb but?????

    Ok so lets see what happens. I type my comments like normal and then when I preview or submit it all scunches together. It's not a big problem but it's driving me crazy. I am always giving my girls a hard time when the don't separate their thoughts when they write. Here goes! And of...
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    I may be dumb but?????

    I cannot figure out why my paragraphs are not staying when I post replies. I write in paragraphs and when I submit it scrunches together and looks like one long run-on sentance. I can't seem to find the fix, but I am sure one of you knows what I am doing wrong.Help!
  11. catesmom

    For Parents Very sad times

    We had the same thing happen to us when we moved to Missouri to Illinois. One of my first concerns after enrolling in school was to find a gym. In our area only one gym was close by. I called the gym and scheduled a try-out for my DD then 6. She went through the try-out and then the gym...
  12. catesmom

    For Parents Feeling overwhelmed right now, advice?

    Welcome back , glad you are here.I think the first step is to be put in touch with your gyms booster club. Many times competition fees can be fundraised and if you didn't have that big amount to worry about the rest might seem more doable. But it is an expensive sport and those 5 meet will...
  13. catesmom

    For Parents Not as much time training L5 as I thought

    One season here for everyone, starts early October, we start in December, and ends by April. I am always amazed by those of you who seem to compete all year round. I don't think I could take the stress. We enjoy the downtime to work on new skills and levels. And to let Mom's checking account...
  14. catesmom

    States this Sunday

    This is it, the big weekend! Cate has had 2 good practices so far and States are this Sunday at noon. Great start time again, and our gym is hosting the meet so it's only 15 minutes away! Hoping that the "home meet" feeling brings good luck to all our girls. Hoping for good things on vault and...
  15. catesmom

    For Parents but.. it is a meet weekend....what should I do?

    We go through some of the same things here, Cate is 13 and has been doing gymnastics forever, her little sis 10 has found her "thing" with basketball. Little Sis has been to so many meets and loves her sister very much, but now she wants to be able to do her thing too. When the two worlds...
  16. catesmom

    For Parents Level 7 Vids

    Beautiful routine, so complete. All her positions are so perfect, right down to the toe point. Love to watch her.
  17. catesmom

    For Parents 9.75:) Wow.... Madi's floor score today

    Great meet and what an awesome score! Big congrats from us!
  18. catesmom

    NEED to get that silly beam cartwheel!

    Good luck and cartwheel fairies coming your way!
  19. catesmom

    For Parents Does this sport promote more Drama than most.

    Bog- I always love your posts and thank you for being so supportive to all the girls {hug-hug}! I think you are so right, there are always those parents out there, be it school, dance, gym whatever. The true answer is to enjoy your child, support your teammates and let all the rest go. It's...
  20. catesmom

    Hoping for another good meet.

    Glad things are better at home and good luck at this weekends meet. We have our last meet before States this weekend too, and lucky us we drew 8am sunday, compounded by a time change for us this weekend means early early to bed saturday. Seriously though I hope everything goes well, and home...