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    what time is it?

    What time is it where you are? Lets have the normal time be pacific time zone. (WA OR CA)
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    cell phone and internet?

    So now days cell phones are everything internet..calling..texting and all that good stuff. How many people here have all that on there phone?
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    So after haveing a cast on my arm for one month after tearing my TFCC (its in your wrist) i went back to gym for about 2 weeks and now it hurts WORSE then before:( So next week sometime i go in for a MRI there going to inject Dye in my hand and see if i need surgery. So i would love for...
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    Justin bieber!

    who likes JUSTIN BIEBER???!!? ive decided im obsessed! tell me what your fav song is and why u like him so much! my fav song is u smile:) i like him so much because he is such a cutie awesome singer and yeah!
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    Tigar paws? HELPPP!

    can some one link me to a web site you can buy JUST ONE tigar paw? i just got my cast off and need one tigar paw asap! thanks chalkbucket! you can messAGE ME OR JUST POST!
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    CAST OFF! hopefully

    HEY guys! i havnt been on in a while bug i get my cast OFF TODAY! yayy! not being able to do gym swim my hair make up takeing normal showers no random handstands in the street for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! ill be back to gym on wednsday... hopefully! wish me luck!
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    i got a cast on the 16th because i tore my TFCC its in your wrist my cast is hotpink of course and it goes 5 inchs above my elbow wish me luck on getting better VERYYYY soon! love you all chalkbucket fans! gymnasts cheerleaders coaches fams!
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    where is the gallery of pictures????? thats that best part of the site. snce there is a new look i need to figure out how it all works ALL OVER AGIAN
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    ALL GYMNAST!and coachs:)

    hello! soo... i was wondering if im a lefty like on everything but i twist righty what does that mean?.. should i try to twist lefty?
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    hey everone in not new but i just wanted to say hi to everyone i love gymnastics add me we can talkXD im on my high school team.. for now ! haha join my group.. high school gymnastics!