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    Stalder Press

    I really want to get my stalder press. I can do one standing with out jumping but I can't seem to do one sitting. I think it might be a combination of strength and troubles with opening the shoulders. Any drills or conditioning would be helpful. :)
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    Advancing in Levels

    I started gymnastics kinda late so I am with kids a lot younger than me. Do I really have to do a level a year? or can I just move up when I am ready? How do I go about doing this.
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    press handstands

    I really want a straddle press hand stand, but i can't figure it out. I can pancake on the floor and hold myself off the ground on my hands, but can't rotate my hips up into the handstand. Also I can straddle press all ready standing. Maybe I just don't have enough strength or something. Any...
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    front hip circles and mill circles

    I just started gymnastics and I have everything in level 3 exept a front hip circle and mill circle. I just can't seem to get around. Any ideas? :confused: