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    WAG Sewing Scrunchies-What Kind of Elastic to Use?

    Hi, I've decided to start sewing scrunchies with the leftover strips of fabric from leo-making for some of my teammates! I just made a cute one using 1/4 inch elastic, but it's not stretchy enough. The scrunchies I've bought all have way stretchier elastic (especially snowflake and melody...
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    WAG Sewing on Velvet Trim

    Hi all, I've had a lot of success using the Jalie binding technique with a zig-zag stitch on regular spandex. Now I'm trying to make a leotard with velvet trim, so it'll be a little softer. I worry a zig-zag stitch will tamp down the velvet. I bought some stretch velvet ribbon (was worried...
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    Leotard Leg Seam Binding

    Hi all- I am embarking yet again on a leo-making project. Before, I really struggled with adding the elastic to the leg holes. I just saw a blog post where someone had used foldover elastic to bind the edges, which looked really cute when done in a contrasting color. I think that this would work...