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    For Parents Sports after gymnastics

    There are two sisters in our area who were level 7 gymnasts when they quit. They switched to track and are now nationally ranked pole vaulters who keep breaking records. They attribute their success in part to gymnastics. It encourages me when I hear of success in other sports with a strong gym...
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    For Parents Small buckle fracture pinky

    My L4 daughter got a small buckle fracture on her pinky a few days ago. I had my orthopedic surgeon friend look at the X-ray and at first he couldn’t find anything without zooming in super closely but suggested cast and 4 weeks out. My ER doctor brother who played high school and college sports...
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    For Parents Other activities and worry

    My daughter is a level 4/5 and doing great. I have always stressed that she should keep other interests and activities as much as possible to balance gym and keep options open. However, now I’m the one who gets worried when she does other things. I stress when we go skiing during the season and...
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    For Parents House shoe for severs

    Hi, My daughter is once again having heel pain from severs. We have heel cups for her shoes, supportive shoes, cheetah cups for when she is in gym. She ices her heel and stretches often. I'm looking for advice on a supportive slipper or birkenstock type shoe that she can wear around the house...
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    Move up or repeat

    I curious what expectations people have about their gymnast repeating or moving up next year after all of this? It may be a moot point if there aren’t even competitions but just wondering. My daughter did very well in L3 and does not want to repeat but not sure the vault will come in time. She...
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    For Parents How should I tell coaches

    How should I tell the coaches that we are choosing not to do a mandatory travel meet? There are 2 scheduled for this year and we will only travel to the closer one. My daughter is not optional yet and in fairness to our other kids who rarely travel for sports, we do not want to make this meet...
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    For Parents Sad gymnast

    My daughter (8) did really well in Level 2 last year and so the coaches put her in a training group to most likely skip L3 and compete L4 next year. However, we then got this crazy oppotunity to live overseas for 7 weeks and we couldn't pass up. Now, she'll be doing level 3 instead and is o.k...
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    For Parents Keeping skills on long trip

    My DD just got bumped up to a higher group and coaches hinted that she would skip L3 and go to L4 next season but then we decided to go away for the summer for a once in a lifetime overseas trip. And that probably means no skip. But I fear she will be bored at L3. She already has a fairly nice...
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    For Parents Two travel meets

    I just found out that there will be two travel meets for level 3 and up next year. I don’t know if my daughter will be level 3 or 4 but I feel like two travel meets (out of state...) for level 3 is questionable. Do I say something? Or just opt out of one of them? I love travel and we can afford...
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    WAG Western Cape gyms

    Does anyone know of good gyms in the Western Cape South Africa that would be willing to train a visiting (beginner) gymnast for 2 months? We are thinking about a sabbatical there but don’t want her to fall behind in training (US level 3/4).
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    For Parents Foot issues

    I'm about to take my 8 year old to see a foot doctor for what I think is plantar fasciitis because of all the barefoot stuff she does in gym and then is constantly in socks/bare feet in our house. When I had it, the biggest thing that helped was wearing birckenstocks around the house. Has...
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    For Parents Skipping Level 3

    Have any of your daughters gone straight from Level 2 to Level 4? Part of me really wants my daughter to go to Level 3 and have another confident year like this year but she has consistently been at the top 1 or 2 AA with 37+. And she has all her level 3 skills especially her bars. They won't...