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  1. lannamavity

    For Coaches JO Womens COP 2009 RANT (about the actual book)

    So I paid over $50 for the new (came out a few weeks ago) COP, and low and behold, after owning the book for less than a week, the first errata came out today...49 replacement pages!:mad: That's 1/5 of the book! Who does the editing in Indy??? USAG strikes again.
  2. lannamavity

    Bela and His Umbrella...

    Okay...anyone ready to translate that ridiculous banter from Bela? I heard umbrella 10 times...confusion and misunderstanding...and something about the Argentinian judge. Please enlighten me...:confused:
  3. lannamavity

    Who Is the Crazy, Muttering Romanian Dude on NBC?

    Why?:no: Does anyone understand him? Was anyone else driven to try using closed-captioning tonight?
  4. lannamavity

    For Coaches United Athletic Equipment

    Okay, is there anyone out there who has competed on United Athletic Equipment recently. I had kids compete on it a few years ago, but it looks like they have changed their bars and vault table since then. The bars always spread like Speith Andersen bars (nighmare), but it looks like the...