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    Artificial intelligence will assist judges
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    WAG JO nationals stream?

    With JO nationals starting this weekend, does anyone know if it will be streamed? Also, good luck to all participants!
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    WAG Good luck to everyone competing at westerns/easterns!

    Good luck to all the gymnasts, parents and coaches attending westerns and easterns this weekend!
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    WAG European championships

    The European championships are starting this wensday with men qualifying. Thursday will be womens qualification. Friday is AA for both men and women, with event finals on saturday and sunday! KNGU (the dutch equivalent of USAG) just shared a link to a livestream for qualifications, but im not...
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    WAG Lillian lippeat very cool combo

    This looked so amazingly cool! Do you think this would get credit as a layout full to a double back or a whip full to double back?
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    WAG I think i might be done

    I think I might be done with gymnastics. I love gymnastics and I would not know what to do without it, I love it and at home, I do feel like doing gymnastics (although I cannot do that much at home). But when its time to go to practice, I just simply dont feel like going, like im too tired to. I...
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    WAG Crazy vault: what would it be worth?

    Came across this video today: Assuming it was allowed and women were able to perform it, what value do you think it would get?
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    WAG Being in two different clubs for different disciplines

    I'm thinking about taking up rhythmic gymnastics. Only problem is that my artistic club doesn't offer rhythmic. The rhythmic club does offer artistic, but I love my club so I don't want to leave. Do you think both clubs would be OK if I took class, for different things, at both?
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    WAG Shoulder dislocation: experiences?

    Disclaimer: not looking for medical advice, I have done that already at a GP, orthopedic doctor and a PT. I am very hypermobile, always have been. Because of that, my shoulder will often half-dislocate (subluxate in medical terms) about 3 times a day, in both my left and right shoulder. If...
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    WAG More floor music help

    I have 2 gymnasts who are quite new to gym. They will be competing the lowest level available, which would compare to xcel bronze with more silver beam. Anyway, they need floor music. They lack a lot of body tension (working hard on that) and they aren't as expressive. Their faces look blank and...
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    WAG Fun stuff on bars Saw this pop up, this looks like a lot of fun. Luckily my kids aren't advanced enough to do it, I would probably get a heart attack if they decided to try this!
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    WAG Gilde kip: how to spot?

    How do you spot straddle gilde kips without getting kicked and without the girls being scared of them kicking you?
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    WAG Who am I thinking about?

    Quite a while back someone on here talked about a girl who went from cheer to elite. Who is this girl? I just thought about her and I'm curious how she is doing
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    WAG The culture of abuse is still existing

    Just saw this. Of course I knew this happened, but it suddenly came really close. Breaks my heart this is normal practice...
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    For Coaches Feet cramp

    This is not looking for medical advice, just experiences of others. New for me this year are 4 hour coaching sessions. It's on a gymnasium floor, so I have to wear shoes (I usually don't when I coach in the actual gym, where everything is carpeted). My feet, especially the bottom, are...
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    Would love to trade IG magazines for comp dvds

    If you want competitions to watch, check this out!
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    WAG Bra problems

    The first competitions are coming up again.. We start with teamgym, so having no attire deductions is a bigger deal here than at the individual, artistic competitions. Last year I didn't participate in these, because I was injured so I never had this problem before. The problem is that the only...
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    WAG School work

    So school is starting again soon (or for some it has already started). I'll have a demanding schedule next year with 16 hours of outside activities. I'm going into 11th grade, so the results are getting more important in that they count towards graduation. I know a lot of the kids are high...