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    WAG Becoming a judge in Australia

    Gym ACT will put on a beginner judging course as soon as there are enough people wanting to do it. We might be able to help out with that. I'll send you a PM with our details and we can look at getting a course added.
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    Changes to the International Stream? Please fill me in..

    Apparently it is the WAIS WAG program, which would pretty much mean no elite WAG program for WA.
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    StickIt TV article

    I don't think the article was blaming Larissa, I think it just questioned the selectors who decided the funding. Rather, it was mainly the comments that were negative to Larissa. But I do agree, the funding should have been shared around the team rather than going mainly to 1 gymnast.
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    WAG Understanding the US streams

    I noticed it says you can skip level 6. Do many gymnasts skip level 6? Or is this quite rare?
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    WAG Understanding the US streams

    Are the region numbers (eg region 6) just a gymnastics thing? Or do other sports use these too?
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    WAG Understanding the US streams

    Thanks everyone. So being more rec focused, does Xcel/IGC have much higher participation numbers than JO? Would most gyms put all their rec gymnasts in XCel/IGC or would they have another non-competitive rec program?
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    WAG Understanding the US streams

    I've just been reading a bit about the streams in the US and trying to understand them. I have gathered that JO is more serious than Xcel. I was just wondering how most gyms work. Do most gyms do both streams or do they just focus on one. Also what proportion of kids go into the JO stream and...
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    VIC Limited hours steam 2017

    I believe gym skills is the rubbish GFA program from GA. It includes every gymsport under the sun shoved into one (including cheer) and they don't even have a cartwheel until level 6. The kids get bored ****less. So that's not really much of an alternative. I'm glad my state still has state...
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    MAG Hoarder lol

    Lol, I'm a bit like that. I'm long retired and still have an old box of gym stuff with about 100 grips.
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    MAG Name That Move -- ____ Punch

    It could be a punch rudi (pronounced roo-dee). Rudi is a front layout with 1.5 twists. Or it could have been a rudi punch front.
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    MAG Help me explain why gym takes so much time training, please! (long)

    I know I'm a bit late to this thread, but I just thought I would add that if you want to pursue other sports to a high level then a lot of training is required. If you read about top tennis players you will see that they often train 4-5 hours a day hitting thousands of balls every day. Top...
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    Acromat Double Mini

    Has anyone got one of (or tried) the current model of Acromat Double Minis? We are looking at getting a new one and wondering how bouncy it is. We have the old model (at least 20 years old), and it is decent and serves our need, but I noticed the newer model is wider so just wondering if anyone...
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    WAG Area savers for bars

    Thanks for both perspectives. It's good to get a balanced view.
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    For Coaches Modifying roundoff technique for saltos

    I used to do a different roundoff when doing saltos vs bhs. The change I made was to do a snap-down instead of a block. When going into a salto I didn't feel a block, instead I pulled down really hard with both hands until my feet hit the ground at which time I lifted my arms up really quickly...
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    WAG Area savers for bars

    We are looking into getting some area savers for bars similar to these: But I was wondering if they might be a problem for higher level skills. Has anyone used these for skills like giants? If so, do they make the bar bounce any...
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    Marketing for a new gym

    Thanks for the ideas. What sort of things would you have at an open house or a grand opening?
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    Marketing for a new gym

    Hi, I am looking at opening a new gym and am just thinking about what sort of marketing to do. I was just wondering what sort of response (ie how many people have responded, and for what programs) other gyms have had to various forms of marketing that they have done? I know the response could...
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    Tipping for worlds

    Having been in some tipping competitions for other sports, I thought it would be fun to do one for gymnastics, so I have created a tipping comp on my website where you get to tip who you think will win on each apparatus (and all-around) at worlds next week. You get up to 3 tips for each...
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    Setting Goals?

    I used to do this too. I found I improved a lot more when I did this. Especially when I broke skills down and worked on getting each part right, rather than just focusing on the whole skill.
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    Handstand help

    Yes, doing them against the wall is a good idea. You can also try pushing your feet off the wall for a little bit and try to balance for a short time and then bring your feet back onto the wall. You can then repeat this a few times before coming down. This can help you get the feeling for how to...