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    WAG Platinum beam - what would you score it?

    I have a 9.3. Roundoff has the highest single deduction of .2. Overall good routine!
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    WAG Am I missing a skill?

    I will jump in to echo some of this and provide clarification. There are 4 special requirements, each worth .5 for both usag and AAU: Kip ✅ 360 circling skill ✅ Skill that finishes above horizontal ❓ Dismount from the HB ✅ If your scores feel guess would be you are missing one of...
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    WAG XCEL Diamond Bar requirements

    You are definitely correct! I looked at the Diamond requirements in the ibook on my phone and definitely thought I saw 3,6,7...but you are correct, it does not specify the groups. My bad! :)
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    WAG XCEL Diamond Bar requirements

    Just want to clarify something really quick on this. She needs to keep the clear hip in the routine, even with the addition of the pirouette. Diamond has a special requirement of a circling skill from groups 3,6 or 7. Giants are not in any of those groups, so the clear hip is what is fulfilling...
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    WAG Can you help me explain scoring on this XG UB routine?

    I think an 8.2 is actually a pretty good score for this routine. Here is what I have: The cast is below horizontal, which a horizontal cast is a special requirement. So her start value should be a 9.5. Each skill (there are 8) with the exception of her squat on has .15 to .4 in deductions. So...
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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    Always happy to help! I have a parent education session I will do for gyms and I always feel like if parents can understand that judging is complex and less straightforward than they may think, we are all better off! Gymnastics isn't like t-ball (says this mom with a 5 yo) that everyone can...
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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    So, the big questions about the routine from Megamom is: what is the mount? and what is a changement? I'm going to break this routine down into the categories we look at: Start Value: If the mount is not an A mount, then this routine only has 7 counting skills (assuming that "changement"...
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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions would also eliminate the up to the level acro deduction and the up to the level dismount deduction.
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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    This routine would receive an up to the level deduction for all three up to the level composition categories. (It does meet all of the special requirements and value part requirements, so it would start from a 10.) Acro: we are looking for 4 acro skills (not including the dismount). 2 Bs in the...
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    For Parents Level 8 skills

    You could do that dismount combo and it would not incur any up to the level for the dismount as it is a B skill connected to an A dismount. The front walkover is a front skill that starts and ends on the beam so it would fulfill the fwd/side category.
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    For Parents Toe hect/ toe shoot

    I wouldn't say that toe shoots incur more deductions than pirouettes, but they are often harder to do therefore are done poorly more often that pirouettes. If your daughter has a strong enough toe shoot...which if she is able to do a toe hand then I imagine her toe shoot is pretty good, then I...
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    Ideas for level 8 beam series???

    Just want to reiterate that BT BT would not fulfill the series requirement because the second BT or BP would be an unallowable skill as L8 has difficulty restrictions around C acro elements. That connection would result in the loss of the .5 special requirement and a .5 off the start value for...
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    WAG Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    The bonus comes from the C salto skill connected to either an A or B salto skill. What happens prior to the salto does not have any affect on the bonus. So, 1 1/2 twist (C) + Front Tuck (A) = .01 bonus...1 1/2 twist (C) + Front Pike (B) = .2 bonus There is a .1 composition deduction for only...
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    WAG Does a roundoff vault have a start value of 10.0

    1/4 on 1/4 off landing facing away from the table is a 10 SV. 1/2 on is a 9.8. This was a recent update to the vault chart.
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    WAG Back extension roll on beam

    Holding the backwalkover or the back roll to handstand will not break a backward acro connection on beam. The connection piece (part between skills) cannot be slow to receive credit for a backward connection, but how fast the skills itself goes (assuming the technique is still correct) does not...
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    WAG L9 Bonus

    In L9 bonus comes from connections only. (In L10 you can also get difficulty bonus for doing D and E elements.) Bars: C+C if both elements have flight or turn = .2 C+C if one or both elements do not have flight or turn = .1 So 1/2 pirouette to shoot over is +.2 Blind to front giant is +.1...
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    WAG Competition rules

    I've only heard of this rule being interpreted in this way in PA. It might happen in other places, but I've only heard of it there.
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    WAG Competition rules

    Did you by chance hear this in Pennsylvania?
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    WAG question about bars deduction

    0-10 degrees from vertical=B value, no deduction 11-20 degrees from vertical=B value, .05 deduction 21-30 degrees from vertical=no value .1 deduction 31-45 degrees from vertical=no value .15-.2 deduction 45 degrees and lower=no value .25-.3 deduction This is just for casts!!!! Nice level 7...
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    WAG question about bars deduction

    Every cast in a L6-10 bar routine is expected to reach handstand to not incur the up to .3 amplitude deduction. (Except casts unto bails or a peach salto thru level 8 and casts into a squat/stoop/straddle onto the LB that leads to standing up and grasping the HB) Every clear hip is expected to...