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  1. flpflp7

    Level 6 FHS Pass...Drills?

    I really like working the step out up a wedge or up onto an 8 inch mat with hands on the floor feet up onto the mat so they really have to work the block. hopefully when they take it to the floor they use that same block & that normally gives them plenty time to rotate before having to go into...
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    Injury procedure in your gym

    Thanks Thank you all for your replies. For the most part it's right along my thinking. Although I hate stories of people being injured at the gym it happens no matter how hard we try to prevent it & I appreciate the examples you all have provided.
  3. flpflp7

    Injury procedure in your gym

    What are the rules in your gym if a gymnast gets injured? At what point are the parents allowed to come out on the floor if at all? What is the reasoning behind the rule? Is there someone in your gym who is qualified enough to assess the seriousness of the injury?
  4. flpflp7

    glide kip & long hang kip

    Is a glide kip & long hang kip considered the same skill? I can't find long hang kip in the code of points. I'm asking because I need to know if this routine would work for lv 7 bar routine. Kip, cast, clear hip, kip, squat on, long hang kip, clear hip, flyaway.
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    Warm up and conditioning program??

    what are pike walks & bottom scoots?
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    dealing with pain

    I coach levels 3-7 & if something bothers them I normally have them ice it for 5 - 10 minutes & re-evaluate. Sometimes they just need a break, sometimes it's more serious. I'm no doc so I'm not gonna pretend I am! After they ice sometimes they can jump back in, sometimes they go home (hardly...
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    Level 8 Conditioning

    I would definately talk to your coach & see what they recommend. However, I just saw this the other day & thought it was great so I'm sharing it . Best of luck getting back into the swing of things!
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    Will there be an Olympic boost this year?

    I think there will be a boost. After the 2004 Olympics we had a 25% increase at our gym. However, due to the economy, I don't think it will be as much this time. Probably about 15%.
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    Summer advertising/Olympics

    I'm looking for some good ideas to tie our summer session into the Olympics. Something to advertise to the community to bring in more students through the summer which is normally the slowest time of the year. Any ideas?
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    For Coaches practice bar recommendation

    I have to go with Bogwoppit on this one. I think a floor bar or pull up bar would be best. I just checked, Resilite has a parallett bar for $99 ( With this she could practice handstands & pirouttes & it says it can be attached to the wall for pull...
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    Our level 5-7 go 9 hours a week with the option of going 10.5 hours. I would like to see them going more but we just don't have the room & so many of the girls are in other sports that I don't think they would make it to any more practices:(
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    For Coaches Front layout

    Thanks again for all the drills & advice everyone! I was going to try to get a video of the girl in particular I was working with but it's been crazy at the gym lately & we haven't got to work on them. Now she's out for about 6 weeks due to surgery. However, I have a few other girls that are...
  13. flpflp7

    Leaps on Floor Level 7

    I think my spelling is going to be bad on this one but what about split leap, tour jete? oops, never mind, Aussie_coach already listed that one. I'll keep thinking...........
  14. flpflp7

    For Coaches Front layout

    Thank you all for the drills! I'll give them a try tonight (I have to admit, I'll probably try Laura's first - that looks so fun!). I would love to post a video of it but I have yet to find the right cable to go from my video camera to the computer! :confused: If I figure it out I'll post it...
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    For Coaches Front layout

    I need some good drills for front layouts. The girl in particular I'm thinking about does a very archy & sloppy layout. When she tries to do a tight arch through her layout she lands on her bottom, like she's not driving her heels hard enough. Also, do you teach a hollow layout first or an...
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    For Coaches Kicking out to early on double front

    I've never had anyone doing them onto a mat yet but with a front tuck I have them spot something on the wall in front of them when they go into it then look for it when they come out. I would think that would work for a double front too. Best of Luck!
  17. flpflp7

    split leaps level 5

    Why not just take your daughter to the gym that you like best for her instead of sending her to 2 different coaches? Every coach has a different view on things & teach things differently which is why most gyms do not let you train at 2 different gyms. You are only confusing your daughter. Decide...
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    For Coaches Straight arm backward roll (USAG level3/4)

    I have heard to have them try to go UP hill. They probably won't make it but it's used to help them figure out how to use that muscle. I have only used this drill a few times & have a hard time keeping the girls hollow once they're hands hit. We usually have them go down hill & I spot with...
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    Height problem!!

    I read somewhere that as they release have them put their arms out to side middle and that will help them to keep their shoulder angle open so they don't pull back to the bar. I have told a couple of girls to do that & it helped them. I have one that it hasn't helped though:(. For that girl I am...
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    For Coaches level 1

    We don't compete levels 1,2, or 3. We have "fun meets" twice a year. It's normally just our gym & occasionally another gym near by. The kids get to experience what it's like to compete but with no pressure. My thoughts on the advantages to competing starting at level 1 is that most kids...