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    For Parents experience with repeating level?

    With the new level 3, I see no problem repeating… it would be hard to swallow if you still had to do the mill circle. Girls at our gym who have repeated level 3 generally don’t repeat other levels until optionals. It is a real confidence building level. My daughter and another girl were the only...
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    For Parents Update: Summer of new activities (and be careful what you wish for)

    It’s difficult. I’m trying to prep myself now... I love the gym, her friendships there and the parents! It will be hard to leave. But I’m 90% sure she will quit before high school even though she’s completely sold right now. But... I know whatever sport she chooses, we will enjoy the subculture...
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    For Parents Level 2

    I was way more caught up in things in L2. I hardly think about her gym now. I personally think that L2 for a 7 year old is the best route... gets her some good body awareness with the fun of meets without the pressure or hard skills. She will do well later on because of it. I think not competing...
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    For Parents Bar bruises

    My daughter had little bumps from casting. Coach said it’s normal. She took a few days off from that skill and hasn’t complained since.
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    For Parents Level 2

    Mine did L2 at 8. She was super successful and worked a lot on form and basics which carried over. They were going to have her skip 3 and go to 4 but we went away for 2 months so she did 3 and I’m so glad. Those 2 years really built confidence and she had a great L4 year and is training 5/6 now...
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    Xcel or Development Program?

    DD chose developmental mainly because she actually loves structure and the hours. Not sure if she’ll switch over later. She went through a lull at level 4 last year but finished strong and is now training 5/6 and loving it because she’s getting to train lots of new skills.
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    For Parents We have a new gym!

    That is wonderful yet SO sad that coaches didn’t do it before. My daughter’s coaches are great about praising and it just makes her want to work harder for them. I don’t know why coaches ever feel like they can get more out of their athletes by withholding praise??!!
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    For Parents Flip For Isla

    There is a leo fundraiser:
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    For Parents Sports after gymnastics

    I would think diving and pole vaulting might still have the “fear” factor but things like long jump and high jump or hurdles probably wouldn’t. See if there is a track club or even “all-comers” meets. I know several cities that do these as a way to try track.
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    For Parents Sports after gymnastics

    There are two sisters in our area who were level 7 gymnasts when they quit. They switched to track and are now nationally ranked pole vaulters who keep breaking records. They attribute their success in part to gymnastics. It encourages me when I hear of success in other sports with a strong gym...
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    WAG New USAG routines

    I like it better! Sounds more like jazz and glad L5 won’t have haunted house music. L2 is a bit strange. L3 is my favorite.
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    WAG New USAG routines

    Oh good! My daughter is going level 5 and I am so glad we don’t have to listen to the old music!
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    For Parents Communication expectations

    Not as much as I would like (because I just like talking!) but definitely enough. Progress reports happened during the season and then they will talk to some parents as needed before and during the season. I was VERY pleased with a coach who kept me in the loop during a mental block for a few...
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    For Parents Mental block, is it time to move on

    My daughter couldn’t run at all into her pass... literally a small hurdle into her double BH.., that was after half a year of a mental block on the pass.
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    For Parents Pre team financials and decision for 5 year old

    Yes. I paid $90 a month for one 1 hour rec class a week for my non-team daughter so that does not seem bad to me.
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    For Parents Can you help me explain scoring on this XG UB routine?

    I don’t see it either! Not 8.2 in my opinion at all. She could definitely tighten things up and work on the hollow shape... might be a deduction each swing? But it looked more in the mid to high 8s to me.
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    For Parents Training hours for a 7-8 year old

    I agree...10- 12 hours.
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    For Parents Heartbroken DD

    I’m sorry! It’s so tough. We haven’t dealt with this specifically but my dd has lost 2 close friends to moves. I see it as a great opportunity for her to learn perseverance and coping in these losses which will help for future relationships and dating. I think it’s great that you are standing...
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    For Parents Best to stay put, right?

    I agree! Sounds so healthy... how it should be!
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    For Parents Getting to college/Olympics

    Enjoy the ride! My L5 10 year old absolutely loves it and still thinks the Olympics or UCLA are possibilities! I don’t want to burst her bubble. I guess she could move to a smaller country where I have citizenship... . But in reality, I would be surprised if she still did gymnastics by high...