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  1. UnoMas

    For Parents Help me not be a CGM! Advice wanted about level placement.

    Let it go! If the rule is that everyone competes L3, that’s the rule. Let her have a great season at 3 and then she will likely have everything perfect for 4 when the time comes. Just being able to perform the skills is not enough in JO...they need to be done pretty much perfectly. This of...
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    For Parents Too much, too soon? Making everyone crazy?

    I would let her compete 6 while polishing up her skills for 7. No reason to not compete! Also no reason to rush her into a bars routine that she isn’t ready for. She can compete some L7 skills in 6. I just hate level 5 so I would never recommend that for anyone! ;)
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    For Parents Do you go to out-of-state meets as a compulsory level gymnast?

    I would say that in my career as a gym mom (11 years now) girls maybe went to one or two out of state meets on average per season, but with the exception of one they have been within 4 or so hours away.
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    WAG What Were They Thinking - BWO Clinic

    Yikes...this from a parent whose child’s career was ended by BWO on beam :(
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    WAG dry needling for rehab? anyone with experience?

    Very successful results with dry needling for my DD’s back. It did not completely eliminate the problem but brought her significant relief. She still has it done about once a month (long standing, probably never ending relationship with PT).
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    For Parents Switching from Xcel to JO, how hard is it?

    My daughter switched from gold to JO 4 at this time last year. She was 10. She was not scoring fabulously in gold, so your daughter is probably ahead of where she was. She had all the skills for 4 within a month of switching, but she needed a lot of cleaning up. First meet of the season was...
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    WAG Bone scan vs. MRI

    Hope the treatment and rest helps...thinking only good thoughts for a successful return to gymnastics!
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    WAG Competition leo cost

    The last 3 comp leos that I have bought have been $375, $265, and $385. Getting ready to buy another one this year!
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    WAG Bone scan vs. MRI

    Hope that you get some answers and a plan!
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    WAG Bone scan vs. MRI

    Another culprit can be SI joint pain. My daughter has been dealing with back issues for 3 years now and after about one million tesrs showing nothing it seems to be the diagnosis that fits the best. She has a great PT who quite literally moves her joint back into place...frequently. She’s...
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    For Parents Frustration with Xcel

    There are definitely pros and cons to xcel. My kids have done both. If the main focus is winning/placements, then I honestly think “older” kids are better off in JO (especially level 5 and up) because the older divisions in JO tend to score lower! Those xcel silver scores can be crazy...
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    For Parents Fat pad impingement in knee

    Actually she was taking a dance class and that’s what made it flare up (the deep knee bends/plies). She had patellofemoral knee syndrome several years earlier but this was more painful which is why we took her in. She retired last year as a L8 unfortunately (not related to the knee but to...
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    For Parents Fat pad impingement in knee

    Let’s see. I don’t think it ever kept her out of practice or from competing, she probably just reduced deep knee bends, lots of ice and did fewer reps on things that aggravated it. I don’t remember it lasting terribly long, maybe a couple months? My kid had so many injuries that they all kind...
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    For Parents Fat pad impingement in knee

    My daughter had this when she was around level 6 I think. PT and then continuing to do exercises when PT was done did the trick.
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    For Parents Xcel to JO

    My youngest switched from xcel gold to JO 4 at age 10. It hasn’t been easy, but there is no comparison in her skill level and attention to detail since having switched. Having said that....her “future” is basically being in gym for fun, exercise, and energy burning, so I can’t speak to that...
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    WAG Leg speed

    Dance really helped my daughter with leaps and jumps. However, she danced pretty seriously when she was L4/L5 so it was before things got super intense with optionals. It might be tougher to add dance in at the level your DD is.
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    For Parents Reforming CGM and bored kid

    Hang in there! Stay strong! If you haven’t already read this on here, let me be the first to’s a marathon, not a sprint!
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    For Parents Reforming CGM and bored kid

    Yes, stfu and sit back and enjoy the ride. All this boring stuff will pay off in the end, and they definitely have to learn to work on details and hang with the not so exciting parts if they want to stay in gymnastics long term. Glad you have can be super easy to CGM your kid...
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    For Parents Where in USA to buy slim/ long pants for dd?

    Hudson jeans makes some great skinny kids’ jeans that are stylish and really truly super skinny. We have not needed to get a long in these...they are just cut a lot slimmer than other brands I’ve seen!
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    For Parents Finished with gym

    Very sorry to hear this. I can completely relate. My DD was 16 when she finally threw in the towel due to injuries. She is coaching now and really likes it, she hopes to continue coaching into college. It’s a great way to stay involved. It is hard, hard, hard and not fair.