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  1. crazygymom

    For Parents Fundraising

    Our gym is not willing to allow us to put together a booster club. I need some fundraising ideas on things that do not require a tax id number. I have bake sales and a garage sale on the list. What else have you guys done? Thanks!
  2. crazygymom

    Looking for a Leo!!!

    Hey guys! The owner of our gym was suppose to set aside a pink olympic replica leo when she got them in in August. Needless to say, one of the other coaches went into her office and grabbed the leo and sold it. That was the last one. She ordered more from GK and never recieved anymore...
  3. crazygymom

    We got to meet Shawn Johnson!!

    What an experience! Somehow our gym was chosen to do a media event for Oroweat Bread with Aaron Piersol and Shawn Johnson. There was also a swim team there, about 30 kids total. They had a short question and answer session and then we got autographs and pictures taken. None of our girls asked...
  4. crazygymom

    For Parents Level 5 Scoring

    I know that in level 5 you have two judges per event. Do they take the average of the two scores or the highest of the two scores?? I have to do tabulations for our next meet and I was just wondering............. Thanks!!
  5. crazygymom

    For Parents Scared of Beam

    My daughter competed her first meet of the season this past weekend. The judge on the beam was VERY GENEROUS with her score. Beam has never been her thing and finally this weekend she told me she is deathly scared of falling. How can I help my child overcome this???
  6. crazygymom

    HELP!!! Need advice!!

    OK, my daughter is barely 8. Last year she competed as a level 4 and got good scores on everything but beam. Beam is her weak spot, she has ADHD and I think concentration is a definate problem. Anyway, our gym has a USAG team and a TAAF team. This year the gym hosted a TAAF meet in the...
  7. crazygymom

    Best Camera for Gym Pics

    Hey guys!! I just spent probably $100 buying pictures of my daughter from various competitions. That is insane to me but my camera gives me blurred action shots. A lot of times the lighting in gyms is very dark. What kind of camera and lenses do you guys use or suggest??
  8. crazygymom


    Hello All!! I am a mom of a 7 year old Level 4. She competed as a Level 2 last year and we changed to our current gym last April. She loves her new gym and coaches. She just finished her season last weekend and now is trying to get all of her skills to compete Level 5 next fall. I am so glad I...