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    For Parents 7yo Level 2 Casting Mental Block

    Try to take off the pressure as much as possible, it will only make it worse. Don't mention the dreaded cast, definitely don't practice it at home, tell her she will get it when she's ready if she brings it up, keep telling her you're proud of her efforts and act like it isn't a big thing...
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    Classic Challenge

    I really like the new Classic structure, I understand what you are saying about the national finals but I don't think entering older girls in a level below their ability will be a huge problem (although it will happen). In our region the younger girls are usually the top scorers as they are the...
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    For Parents Ugh, the struggles continue. Need help/advice

    Probably way off base but what are the side effects of her medication, could there be a physical reason for loss of skills (balance, vestibular, strength etc)?
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    For Parents Advice needed!

    That sounds very positive, 6 hours is at the lower end of the scale for regional grades but easily achievable with good coaching, high hours are completely unnecessary, good luck to your daughter.
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    For Parents Advice needed!

    Good luck tonight, can you let us know how she gets on?
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    For Parents Advice needed!

    Grade 6 and 5 are very basic and as long as your daughter has good basics and strength already there is nothing wrong with skipping them. Many older gymnastics skip the early grades, some don't do grades at all but still do very well at voluntary out of age levels. It is good that the new gym...
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    For Coaches Inappropriate coaches

    What a horrible position to be in, I feel for you, well done for doing the right thing. Assuming that the children are not in immediate danger I would spend time recording exactly what is happening, times, dates, gymnasts comments etc. then approach the owner one last time with the facts. If...
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    For Parents Adding practice days for 5yr old

    2 x 90 minutes per week for a just turned 5 year old is ideal, I'd say let her try it and take it from there
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    For Parents 8 yo gymnast progression

    I think I would be looking at other gyms with more hours available and a group where she will be working with others of similar age and ability. Your gym sounds lovely but not in the position to offer what your daughter needs at the moment.
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    For Parents Struggling Gymnast

    A 7 year old that can kip has some talent. My advice would be to not compare your daughter to the other gymnasts and instead celebrate her individual achievements. If she loves gymnastics she will continue to progress and improve and will probably outlast several of her team mates. Messing up on...
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    For Coaches Troublesome Level 3 Group

    For behaviour we have a 3 step rule, first time warning, second time sat out for 10 minutes, third time sent home. We have never had to send a girl home. Boys on the other hand!! This obviously has to made clear to parents in advance. We don't give conditioning as a punishment. This is a really...
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    For Coaches Troublesome Level 3 Group

    That's a tough group, I feel your pain! I would ignore the negative and praise anything remotely positive. "Excellent work Suzie, your legs were really straight on that cartwheel". Make sure they know you are serious when it comes to behavioural issues. Have consequences for those that are not...
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    WAG Kip problem! Please help

    Very hard to tell as the video is so dark but it looks as if you're shooting your legs down and off the bar rather than legs staying in contact with the bar and shooting them up.
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    For Parents Joining a team with no natural talent??

    Yes, definitely give Xcel a try, even if she has a less than stellar first year she can repeat and will do well the next year whilst the hotshots move up levels quickly. And don't forget, she will get so much more out of it than medals.
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    For Parents Thoughts on changing gyms?

    If she is still enjoying the new gym then I would stick with that, it is easier to go from a stricter gym to a fun one than it is to go from a fun one to a more serious gym. If you think she is not enjoying the new gym and that it is too much for her then definitely go back to the fun gym. This...
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    Thoughts on Challenge Cup

    I think that regional voluntary 2 is run by the respective regions, the update is only concerning in-age or out-of-age gymnasts on the national compulsory route. So I would think that regions will continue to have their own regional voluntary level 2 comps but they won't qualify to national finals.
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    WAG Can’t get my kip

    Not being able to shift your hands is usually because something else is not quite right before that stage. Do you extend your glide before bringing your toes to the bar? Do you shoot your legs up keeping contact with the bar after bringing your toes to the bar? (a lot of gymnasts make the...
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    WAG Can’t get my kip

    It's hard to say without a video, what do your coaches say you need to do? How is your glide, if you can improve that it will help.