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  1. flpflp7

    Injury procedure in your gym

    What are the rules in your gym if a gymnast gets injured? At what point are the parents allowed to come out on the floor if at all? What is the reasoning behind the rule? Is there someone in your gym who is qualified enough to assess the seriousness of the injury?
  2. flpflp7

    glide kip & long hang kip

    Is a glide kip & long hang kip considered the same skill? I can't find long hang kip in the code of points. I'm asking because I need to know if this routine would work for lv 7 bar routine. Kip, cast, clear hip, kip, squat on, long hang kip, clear hip, flyaway.
  3. flpflp7

    Summer advertising/Olympics

    I'm looking for some good ideas to tie our summer session into the Olympics. Something to advertise to the community to bring in more students through the summer which is normally the slowest time of the year. Any ideas?
  4. flpflp7

    For Coaches Front layout

    I need some good drills for front layouts. The girl in particular I'm thinking about does a very archy & sloppy layout. When she tries to do a tight arch through her layout she lands on her bottom, like she's not driving her heels hard enough. Also, do you teach a hollow layout first or an...
  5. flpflp7

    Headstands & other preschool skills

    I was wondering how many gyms out there do headstands & what age they start their gymnasts doing them. What other skills do you do with 3-5 year olds? We don't do headstands because our director thinks it's harmful for young kids' necks. What do you think? What about bridges? Since it's not good...
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    Hi!! I'm a coach from a small town in the heartland. I've been involved with gymnastics for about 22 years. I started when I was 4, competed for 5 years, made it to level 7, tumbled & cheered for 4, & have been coaching for almost 10 years. Currently I coach level 2-7 & tumbling. I am always...