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    For Parents Did the Excel requirements change for the 21-24 quad?

    I believe the next major Xcel change will be next year. This programs changes come behind the JO changes. There is talk of adding a 6 level after diamond for those who want to progress further but not willing or able to advance to JO. And there will likely be skill requirement and/or scoring...
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    For Parents Xcel to JO Advice

    My daughters’ gym is agist as well on their JO team. They have quite a few girls who make it to D1 schools and others who still get scholarships in other divisions as well. Frequently win team and so on. Very good gym. While I think it’s unfortunate that girls with a lot of heart and potential...
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    For Parents Website from which to order grips That’s the site our gym suggests for purchasing. We’ve had good experience using them over the years.
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    For Parents Can you help me explain scoring on this XG UB routine?

    Shes losing a lot of little deductions. Like a lot. Those 0.1 deductions add up quick. Her feet split in at least 3-4 different parts which all deduct. Knees bent on the pullover with 2 extra movements before the cast. Her body is not straight while on the low bar during her back hip circle and...
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    For Parents Are JOs really done with gymnastics after senior year of high school

    Is this maybe different state to state? My daughter broke her arm at gym falling from high bar. We let the Dr know how the fracture happened. We used our insurance. We never gave which gym the injury occurred at. My insurance paid it and we never heard a peep asking about which gym she injured...
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    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    We had an inter squad meet in November and December. We had an in person meet last weekend and again the next 2 weekends. We had one meet get canceled if the 6 that were booked. One of the 5 we will attend is out of state. States should happen but Regionals we aren’t sure about. It’s been great...
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    This sucks

    I feel like this is such a tough personal decision each family needs to make and some kids are just going to to be upset and that’s too bad. You have to do what is in the best interest of your family. We sent my daughter back to gym because we are in AZ where total cases and total deaths are...
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    Move up or repeat

    My daughter broke her upper humerus falling from high bar beginning of December/19. Had a difficult recovery with motion limitation and was barely back to gym for conditioning at the end of February. Then gym closed 2nd week of March. She was already going to repeat because of missing so much...
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    For Parents First injury

    Of course everything had to close right after this happens. Ugh. At least it should give your daughter some time to think. My 10 year old broke her left proximal humerus on a bad tap swing dismount from high bar last December. She gripped the bar instead of tapping and it flung her out and into...
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    WAG Proximal humerus fracture

    She is 10.5 and no period yet, but has had some breast bud development recently so I’m assuming the hormones are starting to kick in.
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    WAG Proximal humerus fracture

    I thought about writing that I’m not looking for medical advice but ended up not adding it in. More of just wondering if others with limited range of motion in a shoulder fracture were able to regain it over time. I agree that this is a bit of a long shot since most gym injuries tend to be...
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    WAG Proximal humerus fracture

    Hey, On 12/3, my daughter fell from the high bar and buckle fractured her left humerus close to the shoulder. Ortho didn’t set it (as is apparently standard for this fracture in this location) and it has healed with about a 30 to 40 degree angulation. The angulation of the bone can be felt on...
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    For Parents Asked to leave Xcel bronze?

    I would be more upset with why she was placed with the team in the first place then why she was asked to leave it. If she doesn’t have basic skills required to compete, then she can’t compete. Preschool is awful young to have a kid competing in any level outside of a child prodigy future...
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    For Parents Spondylolisthesis

    My daughter has grade 1 spondylolisthesis. Hers cannot ever be “fixed” as she has congenital bilateral pars defects of her L4 to L5 and spina bigeda occulta. All sounds so horrible but she has been doing well. Her neurologist cleared her for gym stating that the core and back strengthening is...
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    For Parents Spondylitis

    Ok. This makes more sense. I thought I was reading that they were unsure if it’s a true fracture or a pars defect. True fracture is of course much more serious and would require some rest. I would get another opinion though on how strict that rest needs to be. Like can she still do some...
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    For Parents Spondylitis

    Also, pars defect vs spondylolisis is very different. Is the CT to confirm which? The pars defect can’t be “healed” as it’s usually congenital and a chuck of bone is just not there. So there would be no need for back braces and sitting around.
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    For Parents Spondylitis

    My daughter older has spina bifeda occulta, pars defect to both sides of her L5 and grade 1 spodylolithesis to her L4/L5. She had back pain a few years ago but was cleared by her neurologist and pediatrician for gym. They said that the core and back strengthening from the sport should actually...
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    For Parents Parents shut out - switch gyms?

    Our gym does not hold competitive team meetings. However they are very open. We have all the coaches and the gym owners emails and they are always responsive. If a coach has a concern or complement they will catch us after practice or send an email. They give updates as requested and send home a...
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    For Parents Talent v. Expense

    My daughter LOVES gymnastics and we are also not wealthy. I work an extra shift just about every week (nurse who works 3 12s each week normally and father with blue collar decent paying job) to make it work. My youngest just joined pre team as well. For us we make it work because it’s what they...